Letters, and more letters ~ what to do

Starr has run off AGAIN and left me trying to push all these letters back into the box…all those letters just starting to spill out on the ground ~ so being the nice person I stand here pushing and pushing just trying to cram them back in ~ will only take a few more moments but it is just not the best area am in glancing around and taking a brief moment to smooth down my latest outfit from Distinction…

Distinction ~ Exclusive

This looks so nice on and  what a great selection of colors to choose from …the soft sheer top is a lovely feature and enhances those breasts ~ giving a very sexual overall look up top and then with the waist hugging contour of the rest of the dress Distinction has done a really good job with the design and the various choices of colors…This outift comes with appliers for those with mesh bodies as well as it will fit the classic avi’s…

Pentagram Seduction Heels ~

Accessorizing with the other exclusive item from Distinction is these shoes as you see above ~ matching the outfit just perfect and also come in a variety of colors ~ the shoes are available not only in Slink but in Belleza ~ loving the large buckle on these giving it a very unique look…

Darkside will be open until the 30th of the month so you might not want to waste time and head over to grab up this outfit and shoes from Distinction...with over 80+ designers there is much to see, to explore and to try your hand at the gacha’s…or just enjoy walking around ~ hugs till next time ~ oh here is your LIMO  ~ enjoy !!

EBP Dark Side

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