Candlelight is always good

Standing here among these gorgeous candles being bathed in their light and the light from the moon I feel myself smiling especially showing off what goodies from the Darkside…so many so will hush now and start showing..

MOoh ~ Julia 

This uber gorgeous outfit is the exclusive from MOoh and WOW am loving it ~ look at the cutout of the sleeves, which really gives it a very sensuous look…the outfit comes in two separate pieces with the high waisted skirt that has plenty of sizes to fit you ~ she has included ones also for the various bodies like mine Maitreya ~ same goes for the off shoulder wrap top that accentuates what mother nature has given you… am showing off the sleek black color but MOoh has made sure at the event there are other colors to entice you to purchase…this is a KEEPER for me and really nice EXCLUSIVE for the Darkside event…up next I just have to show you the necklace that i matched with this…

Exclusive from Tantalum

The necklace from Tantalum is called “Lost Souls” was just enough to make this outfit pop and the design is stunning ~ this piece could be worn as you see it or even on a casual t-shirt to add some pizzazz ~ very lightweight and design is unique…let me move up quickly to the lips and eye-shadow

{MUA} & Livia

Again am showing off that luscious lipstick from Livia called Deep Crushing but this time I chose Cherry ~ sometimes you just gotta paint your lips that bold color Red ~ mixing it with {MUA} gorgeous Eye Shadow “Goddess” in Silver ~ just combined together really makes a very dramatic look ~ both have various others colors to choose from so check them out as well ~ oh yes and we have to color our nails ~ laughing I went off my usual polish color to show you a sample of something different yet fits in the theme perfectly from Koffin Nails…

Koffin ~ Name your Poison 

Oh what can I say but unique and interesting look and yes I chose green to keep the color scheme with necklace ~ cute huh…oh there are different ones that Dena will be showing off or myself in later blog posting…now on to the shoes ~

Persefona Demora Shoes 

Yes yes you are reading correctly the shoes actually say “Kill Me” but please do not take that literally but I just love them…nice heel and again feet my Slink High Feet ~ the shoes do come in black or white ~ along with this is Persefona’s Exclusive ~ I would truly grab them ~ Persefona has a lot more goodies at their store and gacha’s ~ please make sure they are on your look/see list ~

And before I do forget to say again about this Darkside Event ~ all the vendors really have blown me away with what they are offering ~ thank you each for allowing me and Dena to show them off to you ~ also a huge huge shout out to allie munro for all her hard work putting this together ~ if you have not even just taken a limo to see the build, the gacha’s and the unique “carts” grab here and go see what am saying ~ for my readers and followers this was rather long and appreciate you taking time to read ~ THANK YOU!!!


EBP Dark Side


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