Welcome to the Darkside

DarkSide Event 

Welcome to the DarkSide Event ~ which starts tomorrow at 12Noon SLT and runs till the end of the month ~ Dena and I will be doing our best to show you a lot of what the vendors are offering and there are 80+ vendors so lotz to show you ~ A little heads up put on your comfy walking shoes ~ grab your lindens and get ready for some great stuff ~ now is it all dark and dreary oh no quite the contrary there has to be a balance with Evil there also has to be Good ~ As Dena and I got early access to peek and look around we saw so many items and how nice that most vendors are offering a 10L gift that we will show you as well as some vendors are participating in the gacha machines ~ so let us roll out and show you some stuff…


Speaking of gacha’s this is what Euphoria Couture is offering in various colors ~ a nice breezy set of top and bottom ~ very cute ~ next up is their 10L gift that I found just the spot for it in my house…

10L Gift 

Again this is the 10L gift from Euphoria Couture ~ very chic and looks like a year round accessory for patio, living room or even in your bathing area where mine is going …up next is her exclusive for this event…

Exclusive “Divine”


Wanted to show you front and back so you get a really good idea of how special this dress is and aptly named “Divine”  cute cute golden wings that nestle on your back and for some will give the impression they are a gift from heaven…does look heavenly as well as the stilettos that are for slink high which look below…

Slink High Shoes 

Add that finishing touch of a pair of nice stiletto heels to a really great outfit ~ remember this is exclusive for the Dark Side Event ~ 

Lone Wolf ~ Exclusive “A Little Evil” Eyes 

Didn’t want to scare you earlier but just had to include these from Lone Wolf they are his exclusive A Little Evil mesh eyes and they do look evil ……scary looking especially when I decided to show off Livia’s Exclusive for the event The Deep Crush Lipstick *tattoo* and Deep Crush Eyeshadow as well ~ which for 35L each is really nice bargain ~ I will be showing off her 10L gift later…

For now we are off to a great start showing you exclusives from Euphoria Couture, Lone Wolf and Livia...remember this event will start tomorrow at 12 Noon SLT ~

EBP Dark Side

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