Dena welcomes you to the Darkside

Waves hello and like Starr we are excited about being a blogger for this event ~ with all the goodies to show am happy that am sharing this with Starr ~ her and I will choose something to show you from this event ~ a gacha, or the 10L gift plus we will try to show as many exclusives as we all know the creators/designers have really worked so hard ~ taking a walk around am just seeing that Evil Bunny Productions has done a really nice job with the layout and arrangement of all the vendors ~ there are even carts and so many gacha machines my head is spinning…with that said please stick around as I have some very evil eyes to show you from Lone Wolf Studios and a gorgeous dress from Culco along with a 10L gift from Ollies Follies...

Lone Wolf Latte Eyes 10L Gift 

The eyes they say are windows to the soul just not sure wearing them means to mine… but then as the owner & creator of these eyes by Lone Wolf Studio  hit the mark for fulfilling the theme of the event DarkSide~ and this “Latte” is the 10L gift that you will find in their store…please let your eyes travel now to the simply stunning necklace am wearing that is also the 10L gift from Ollie’s Follies ~ what a stunning piece of jewelry and for 10L wow can you go wrong…think you know that answer…

Culco Exclusive in “Nude”

As the moon is full and the candles burn I feel that I have walked out of a timeless classic movie ~ what an elegant gown from Culco with the see thru covering on the top just heightens how classic and chic it looks ~ entire gown is just stunning and slipping it on you feel like entirely timeless ….

Remember Darkside Event starts tomorrow at 12SLT running till the 30th of this month..Starr and I will be providing the LM to this once it opens…Good Luck

EBP Dark Side

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