The EBH continues ….

YAY bestie is back and we had so much fun putting on outfits and trying out some new poses I grabbed from Purple Poses and Katink ~ it is so great when you find some nice friends poses ~ anyway this hunt is heating up getting a lot of IM’s asking if I knew the secret locations to those gifts ~ HA HA yeah like they would tell me..umm NOT!! Am like you when it comes to that gotta take the hints and just go for it ~ oh hints you ask well let me give you that link again here click on this  ~ clues are great and experienced or not am sure you can find them…before I show you the stuff Dena and I did together am showing off this cute dress from Glow Designs ~ Store #58 ~

Glow Designs 

As a huge lover of animals it is always nice to see them on an article of clothing and the designer I really loved how she used the giraffes on this ~ looks like Mommy is chasing her baby ~ the material is so soft which during summer season you want that comfy feel along with at times those bare shoulders to withstand the hot temps…this will be in my summer folder and you can be sure to see me wearing it come one of those hot August nights…take this to grab the egg and good luck


Speaking of hot hot stuff ~ Dena is wearing the “evil” prize and the t-shirt that I am wearing is the “nice” prize both are from D.O.R.K. but am not sure the title is very fitting for me but the fit is perfect…as for Dena’ she is looking not evil but pure sexy in that suit..even though both are non mesh all the appliers that are given one will fit you ~ that is Store #11 for those that are looking for the hints..

Besties forever 

Lastly and hey don’t giggle but we are wearing those adorable hats from “The Ferret & Hedgie” ~ Store #22 …I think it just accessorized the item from Ollie’s Follies *Store #17 that we are both wearing and it is called “Cosette Printemps en Paris Rose ” making us both look adorable…gorgeous and chic as we pose together ~ reminds me of a song ~

Oh! We ain`t got a barrel of money
Maybe we`re ragged and funny
But we`ll travel along
Singing a song
Side by side
I don`t know what`s a-comin` tomorrow
Maybe it`s trouble and sorrow
But we`ll travel the road
Sharing our load
Side by side

Not that we are ragged but at times we are will leave you and my wish is that you have a bestie that you can share the load with…hugzz to mine ~ but for the rest please please stick around much more from this hunt AND AND we are also going to be blogging for “Darkside Event” that is coming in 2 more days and WOW what we are seeing you will not want to miss….

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