More from the Evil hunt…

Have you started hunting for those eggs yet…if not what are you waiting for because that clock is ticking and there are so many great stores out there that have really outdone themselves and if you think of all the great stuff Dena and I have showed that has to be a HUGE incentive to get out and go hunting…no its not free but the quality of this is only costing you 1L even if you hit every single store that is less than one outfit….think about that one…alright nuff rambling let me show you what you might be missing….

Swak ~ Store #26

Ok I did have to google a little to learn about the image on this shirt which I really love the style ~ the image is relating to Donnie Darko and the evil bunny a strange movie back in 2001 that might have to try and watch ~ this prize from Swak comes with what you see the top and unbutton jeans…very relaxed outfit that will be a keeper in my inventory ~ and yes I have no shoes on just love walking barefoot ~ make sure you get this one ~

Khari ~ Store #34

“I Dena made the decision to be the “good” egg ~ “with the very soft subtle pattern it is a great look for the forth coming Spring season… very feminine looking dress…fits the body well and the designer have put in sizes for us busty women …which am loving…and also for most body groups..”

She does look very nice in that dress where I changed my hair to give you the bad or rather evil look ~ dress is sleek and form fitting and if you notice in the upper right corner you can see how the designer took that evil bunny icon…love it and there is a little more on the back with the bunny’s paw prints climbing up the back of the dress…Remember 2 eggs good and evil to find and here is your ride just click on this to take you to Khari and good luck hunting…

Dena and I will be making our way over to the Darkside Event that starts on the 9th and from what I see there are lotz and lotz to show you…stay tuned please

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