Dena is showing off with Lilbit Sass

Since Starr already showed the tshirt that fit her the best *giggling* from Lilbit Sass guess it was up to me to show you the “nice” side with this Angel t-shirt dress ~ glances over innocently at Starr * winks

Lilbit Sass ~ Store #60

You know we can all be Angels at times and in this t-shirt dress we can show it to the world as well…lol..Angels as you can see have our halo’s in just the right place too right over our hearts ~ Angels should be up there in the clouds on a high with life…


Hmmm wonder why the clouds are darkening as I turn around to show you my wings that are very detailed on the back of this dress ~ a dress that is fit for an angel and just as pretty Lilbit Sass has it just right for us with this T-shirt dress…May you have the luck of the angels with you in finding this egg ~ btw here is the hint to help you on your way “- Ten… Eleven.. Is it time yet?”  

Big thank you to owner and creator of this dress Lilbit Sass...

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