Dena Shows off Evil Bunny stuff…

First let me apologize for being so absent and having Starr do a lot of this ~ when you are sick along with RL there is not much you can do ~ but am back and glad to be helping out my bestie and showing off some of these great goodies from the hunt.

Inkheart ~Desire Eyes 

First up wanted to show you the gorgeous pair of eyes that came from Inkheart Store # 37~ they sent two (2) different colors and this is “Desire” along with the mesh style and classic in various sizes – very nice catch lights that you can see added the realistic look ~ store number for this one is 37 and let me get you the LM so you if you want can go directly there so take the ride to Inkheart and find the egg

Del Alba Creations #77

Lastly the very cute t-shirt from D.A.C.  that features the Evil Bunny on it ~ does look nice paired with some denim capris that are not part of the hunt only the tshirt is ~ really fits well and males there is a shirt for you as well ~ so you are not left out just have to find that egg.

Starr and I have some cute stuff to show you together so for her sake and mine please stick around.  Take care and thank you to the designers that have created all these goodies. Oh and thanks to my bestie Starr for taking all these great pics of myself making me look so fabulous …ha ha she made me say that !



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