Oooh la la ~ more EBH stuff ….

I know that am repeating myself again but seriously the designers for this hunt really have outdone themselves and for 1L WOWzer it is a shame to each of you that you not miss the stores that I have been showcasing especially the ones today…my hubby will be pleased with the first selection as he always loves to see me in sexy lingerie and this one is just that …

Cheeky Amour ~ Store # 57

This might be on the evil side but to me naughty could always be nice just as well ~ and the creator of this corset and panties named it “Perfection”, which looking at first the color *my fave* and the detail this name rings true…perfection plus as the fit is pure delight and had to show you detail of front and back so you could really see this up close…simply gorgeous ~ and remember please this hunt is 1L SERIOUSLY 1L and for those that know good quality lingerie this my fellow readers is something YOU run not walk to find and grab that egg…..WTG Cheeky Amour!

Cheeky Amour ~ Waterfall 

On the nice side Cheeky has also given us another prize to look for and this is her “Waterfall Dress” from the colors and the draping I think it is another winner as well…so my readers take this ride to Cheeky Amour and grab both eggs cuz I know you will not regret it ~

JLZ Fashion ~ Store 55

This cute dress had me walking among the flowers to really take a moment and show it off for you ~ again the “Panzy Flirty Halter Dress” is adorable and with all the sizes fits extremely well ~ but wait what is that on my shoulder?

Xtra from JLZ Fashion

YES!!! A cute cute little bunny ~ not the evil one but one that will make you smile as he sits on your shoulder ~ and thank you to JL Zinner owner and creator of JLZ for adding this as an xtra bonus for us ~ named him “Hoppy” and he and the dress are keepers ~ I know each of you will want this for your summer collection of halter dresses soo grab the ride to JLZ Fashion and find that egg…

For my new readers and those that might not of heard Evil Bunny Productions is putting on their annual Evil Bunny Hunt for the 6th year and as I will endlessly say again these designers went OVERBOARD ~ each item is 1L but from what I have opened and showed you pulllease I am astounded at the gifts …really and for those that know me am not a smoke blower…take my word these prizes are worth more than 1L but you be the judge and while you are at it here is the link for the URL’s and hints to each store ~ so grab it right HERE and remember over 50+ designers and hunt ends in 25 days so dont be wasting..that is it for now but please stick around ~ thank you for taking time to read and possibly follow my blog it is soo appreciated…ooops am not done yet cuz today’s poses are courtesy of another store that is participating and that is Indigo Poses ~ Store #70 ~ thank you for being a part of this store ~ as I do love my poses…if you do remember not to forget this one on the hunt ~ 1L for 3 nice poses ~ thanks again for all the great prizes!!


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