Am back showing off more stuff…

Back already you say ~ yuppers that I am and hey so many boxes and so much good stuff to show you I just couldn’t wait another day ~ remember this hunt is HUGE ~ there are 80+1 stores out there for you to find those eggs and that Evil bunny is not gonna wait around…ya know what am saying ~ plus I really do not want you to miss out when it comes to crunch time and you are rushing around like the energizer bunny trying to go from store to store scooping up all those goodies ~ oh in case you are wondering this is not a free hunt BUT listen you go into stores all the time shopping for nice clothes some might run you say lowballing at 199L yet each item that I have shown you is only 1Linden ~ yes just 1Linden and for that amount with all the outfits and stuff am showing you this is truly a bargain ~ ok am gonna hush now and show you what is what ~


Ok that is not the prize just in case you are wondering why am showing you this but it is one of the packaging from the ManStuff Store #52 ~ and hey for those photographers or ones that keep props cuz you never know when you might need it they are 2prim and you can spin them around so the wording doesn’t show…but is that the cutest packaging ~ I love it and what creativity ~ anyway what comes inside is a naughty and nice t shirt for the guys but being such a good sport that I am gonna show off the naughty t-shirt ~ maybe then you can see it is not just for one gender ~and I wore it with leggings that are not part of the prize…

Man Stuff ~ #52 

Because these are “manly” sizes I think this fit rather well and there are plenty of sizes for you curvy or muscular men out there that this will fit …so head out to ManStuff #52  and find those eggs ~ naughty or nice as you do have your choice ~ now there should be a fireman waiting close by when I show off the next creation from their “Sister Store” whew it is SMOKING…

Firelight Creations #52 

Yes am I not kidding ~ and you will be your own star when you strut around in this one piece creation….WOWzers ~ am modeling you the nice one since the naughty one is just too too hot ~ my my this fits you nice and will have some jaws drop on the beaches this summer or umm where you just might want to wear it ~ I can see hubby now *giggling**so how is that for 1L ~ remember it is Firelight Creations ~

Mooh ~ Store #16

Oh this dress had such a dreaming quality and love not only that it has a butterfly on it but the fit is perfecto….very springy and also wear on those hot summer nights ~ Dress is called “Leah” and thank you to Dalriada Delwood from Mooh for the cute little dress….another great 1L when you find that egg and here is the LM right to Mooh to find it ~ oh wondering about those shoes am wearing well let me show you a closer up pic of them

K Creations ~ Store #41

These pair of heels go really went well with that dress ooh and Kadnynek did well as I am wearing Slink High the fit is well as you can see perfect … love the style and the cute hummingbird on the sides just adds to it…here take this to K Creations so you can scoop up that egg…ooh what could be next to finish this look off but a cutesy nail polish from Liviah

Livia ~ Store # 15

Nail polish that has such a variety of choices but I wanted a cute look and chose the bunnies ~ adorable huh?  Yup I thought so which just gave the entire outfit a finished look…from the dress, the shoes and the polish you have a very spring look for 3Lindens…tell me is that the ultimate bargain for today…ooops almost forgot to give you the ride to grab that egg well here ya go to Livia

Whew that turned into a rather longer post but I wanted to show you all the boxes I had opened and now will take the rest of the evening to spend with hubby plus clean up my mess before he sees all those boxes littering the studio floor…messy messy ~ thank you all for taking time to read and possibly go grab those eggs ~ remember time is ticking and once April 30th comes the Evil Bunny will snatch all those eggs back up for another year…

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