Evil Bunny Hunt ~ part two

Waves and yells am back with more!!!  I have to say when becoming a blogger for events for me it is making sure most items will be blogged whether they are an accessory like the Spider Mask from Secrets or the huge caravan from United InshCon ~ it is like Christmas time in my studio that is getting filled with all the boxes that yet to be opened…this next one that am showing I just have to mention the packaging on this cuz was so cute even if it was probably to be scary but for me am like awww ~ the prize was inside the skeleton and just still not sure I wanna delete the package cuz of it ~ oh no pics of it, which means you will just have to go to Reaction Store #46 and find that egg to see what am saying…but let me show you what the prize is

Reaction ~ Store 46

I have to compliment on the designers from Reaction  on these Leather Lace up Leggings ~ which they made to fit my Maitreya along with Belleza, Omega and Slink ~ they looked so fantastic that I paired up with my latest buy from Addams that is not a hunt item but just looks great with these leggings…great job on them ~ love the detailing … see what 1L will get you a great pair of those Leather leggings ~

Dark Matter ~ Store #80

These earrings and necklace from Dark Matter are so unique that I just took off my top and wanted all your attention on both ~ did it work?  hehehe how cute to take the Evil Bunny to new heights and make the focus of both the necklace and the pair of earrings ~ love it AND guys Dark Matter did not leave you out either there is a separate necklace for the Males …but again giggling you will have to travel to the store guys and find that egg as it does not look like the females…thank you all for really putting yourselves out there Designers am so loving each item that I have blogged….Readers have you started this hunt yet…I know it just started yesterday but for me I am right when it starts so I can take my time in opening boxes and looking at all my goodies…stick around I got lotz and lotz more to share…hugzz

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