EBH continues on ……..part 1

When I opened the box from United InshCon I knew exactly how I wanted to show this off to you ~ remember when I said this hunt is 1L but designers went above for this hunt well my huge kudos to eldowyn inshan for this creation ~ WOW am just stunned ~ and soon as I set it down these words just came to me ~~

” I was born in the wagon of a travellin’ show
My mama used to dance for the money they’d throw
Papa would do whatever he could
Preach a little gospel, sell a couple bottles of
Doctor Good
Gypsys, tramps, and thieves
We’d hear it from the people of the town
They’d call us Gypsys, tramps, and thieves
But every night all the men would come around
And lay their money down”
United InshCon ~ Store #27

Did you sing the words or just read them…one of my fave tunes from Cher, which made pairing it with the prize from Vindiktive   Store #78 the “Charlie Dress”  just perfect ~ the inside of the caravan is empty giving you space to put a small cot or bed or just fill it with treasures and park it like I did under the shade of this tree ~ Vindiktive’s colorful Charlie Dress really matched the mood that I was aiming for and with the choice of sizes this mesh dress fits fantastic…now you know a lot of Gypsy’s were considered evil and bad so had to put on the Spider Mask that came from Secrets…

Secrets ~ Store #68 ~ Spider Mask

The Spider Mask from Secrets ~Store # 68 really fits nice and also blended in well with my 60’s wild hair that I dug into my inventory from Emo-tionsKena” and yes the scarf wrap is part of the hair…my thanks to all the designers and creators of this Evil Bunny Hunt and for you my readers and followers I do wish that you take time to zoom over to the stores and hunt for those eggs at 1L a piece this is completely stealing these great prizes……stick around as I do have part 2 coming up very shortly …

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