More from the Evil Bunny Hunt

Yes am back rather quickly huh…well this scorching item from Darling Haute Couture just could not wait ~ and yes I think seeing this on my hubby is sure going to appreciate Minnie Darling’s talents in creating this ~ yes indeed his eyes will light up and just wisk me away to our favorite dance spot or maybe not and he will just dance with me in private…anyway let me show you

Darling Haute Couture #29

Now you see what I mean when I say scorching hawt ~ and Minnie gives you enough variety of sizes that this will fit even if you are on the curvier side ~ love the draping on the front and the skirt is very sheer if you get my drift *winks* another factor that I know my hubby he will be doing that wolf whistle…so yes this goes into my Nighttime wear folder as a keeper ~ and remember this hunt is 1L so she has been gracious enough to include those shoes am wearing ~ let me show you close up


Now I have on Slink High feet and the fit is like heaven ~ love love the colors, the style and overall they show off my cute tootsies too ~ Remember this store so you do not miss it ~ it is #29 Darling Haute Couture ~ looking for the clue well here it is “with this outfit you could look just like those models”  grab this LM and good luck…

Need hints and URLS check out this link for them ~ thank you again for all the great designers and also a huge shout out to Allie Munro for her hard work in bringing this Evil Bunny Hunt together ~ enjoy and please stick around with over 50+ stores you just know I got lotz more to share with you ~ till then hugzz

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