Do you support your friends….

Probably odd title for a post but maybe once you keep reading you will see why I put the title as is ~ we all have friends or know of friends that create or design and have set up a little shop or Marketplace store but the question is do you support them ~ SL is over saturated with clothing stores and lot of times the little guy gets lost without the support of friends ~ which is why I love doing hunts to find out what new stores are out there and so many of them have great items yet just need a little push to get others to come and look around ~ this being the case of my longtime friend ~ we met couple years ago when I made the decision to try something different and become a “dancer” in a theater production… did it and I loved it so much that when the producer said he was producing a 2nd production I was there as many of the original members as well including my friend Beeze ~ even though I stopped doing theater we remained friends ~ he told me that he has taken his love of costumes and clothes to another level and starting creating, which a clothes lover am like alrighty let me see ~ and that is why am introducing you to a new little shoppe called “Starling Designs”


Starling Designs just recently opened up ~ a very cute clothing shoppe located on the grounds of the “Oval Theater” ~ he has also started putting a few things on Marketplace as well ~ Beeze is hard at work getting new designs for both men and women as in his theater group comprised of mostly men Beeze and others do take on the roles of females and hey at time they look better than a lot of females *giggling* so let me show you just a few items he does have in his shoppe for sale ~


Looking to become that Prince Charming to your Cinderella ~ as you can see by the pic above there are couple different outfits to choose from to make that fantasy come to life at least in apparel ~


Aaaah I love wearing a nice men’s tux that looks good and yet very affordable for myself since it is not something I would wear each nite out but men or women looking for a great bargain that looks well Beeze has several to choose from am just partial to this off pink color ~


For those that are looking for gowns also Beeze has several in stock and working diligently to create more ~ and this sleek, sexy gown was my first choice ~ loved the nice long slit in the side to show some leg ~ color and texture are excellent and he also has some other great colors as well along with couple different style gowns to choose from…

I have used the word shoppe because when I walked in that is how it felt like to me one of those cute little shoppes you see in magazines that decorate either the French Rivera or line the streets of Paris ~ small yet chic and very personable ~ along with affordable prices you should find something formal to wear ~ speaking with him he wants to keep his creations more formal and I agree the gowns will be worn by those wanting to look their best when attending grand openings or headed out to a night of entertainment at the Oval Theater…


This is the owner and creator of Starling Designs so if you see him lurking about on the grounds or inside his shop please say hello and wish him well and good fortune with his newly opened store…am sure I have peaked your interest so let me give you a ride to his store Starling Designs so you can see for yourself ~ for me I will take this time to personally wish Beeze good luck and much success on his newest venture…hugzz



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