I have been Blessed ~ Good Friday

Today is Good Friday ~ the day that Christians all over the world remember this is a day to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ ~ for me and maybe others I have to take a moment and think of things and how blessed I am ~ from having a place to live and having rl friends as well as so many sl friends ..a few days ago a friend of a friend wanted to do a photo shoot with 6 different images and scenes, which of course I said yes and met with the client to discuss her vision of what was entailed ~ right away am like wow how blessed and cool is this to challenge myself to set up these scenes ~ I accepted this and let my mind start conceiving the ideas how to achieve this ~ when I first set up the scene that she described “curtains, candles and romantic am thinking oooh ok I have these uber rich looking velvet curtains and couple candles yet when I set it up just fell flat was not at all what I had seen in my mind but…another blogger had posted using some fairy light curtains that am like YESSS that is what I want  ~ so off I went to find more candles and the curtains ~ little scrambling as the candles were a gacha but was gonna do what I could to get them and 2 pulls later I was successful ~ the fairy curtains are from +Half-Deer+, which I grabbed off Marketplace ~ the idea was really coming together now and my eyes finally saw what was in my mind…now the client *Jen* gave me permission to post this image which I will say thank you for letting me do this…and here is the result JenCurt2

For me this is romantic and a little erotic all combined to give her that look she wanted…and if you are looking for that outfit which made me rush over to Collabor88 and grab it from Erratic to do my own recreation of this scene as well go to their mainstore ~ am pleased that the client absolutely loved this and for myself that I took this challenge along with the results gives me great satisfaction as well…


One of the other ideas she had was “naughty school girl” that was also fun to get ideas and look for props most I had already in my inventory ~ the entire composition really turned out well and again you be the judge as the image below


Jen took a couple of things from Blueberry from the top and the skirt and matched them with those shoes I just had to have that was from fri.day  also at Collab ~ the props were collections of things from either Marketplace or Gachas ~ but the overall look for me did say “naughty school girl” 

Might not be the post you expected being Good Friday but I thank the client “Jen” blessed me with the opportunity to explore my creativity and my talents ~ thank you to those that read and for sticking around ~ May each of you I wish a very blessed Friday ~ HUGZZ

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