Traveled to Lost and Found 03/23

Hey everyone ~ not sure how many look or read blogs and go hey I like the outfit, or wanna head out to that sim or event but a lot of times this is where I get my inspiration reading other peoples blog posts and today one just struck me that I ended up one finding a cool event so huge shout out to Clau Dagger for her blog post on Lost & Found ~ an interesting somewhat gacha event that now am always looking for unique things to collect for my blogs but I was cautious on how much $$ I did spend so my bounty was small and got some cool stuff so let me show you…

Lost & Found

First let me apologize that you cannot see how gorgeous the Vintage Baby Carriage that was a prize from Bad Seed and only cost 50L ~ the Vintage Side Table came from Glam Affair and the rare was what I was after a really cool looking bed but always can use tables which came at 69L ~ next up sitting on the table are the two Overgrown Alarm Clocks from [n.i] Nefarious Inventions and they really had this overgrown grill and toilet that was trying but again being cautious I tried 2 times and got the clocks they were 75L ~ on the wall from Apt B had some cool stuff and won the Hanging Dish Shelf ~ then as I glance over at My Old Bunny Pug that came from Black Bantam and again apologize that I did forget how much it was but am guesstimating maybe 65L … oh also scored from Ionic “2nd hand boots” that was 50L per play and not shown …all in all think I did rather well ~ if you want to see what is offered here is the link to look the prizes ~ so take the LM to Lost & Found and have a blast ~ ooh before I leave let me tell you about the new Truth Hair that I also grabbed at the Fantasy event yesterday and am wearing Yeliz new outfit called Sporty, which comes with a hud that you can make all sorts of color changes …..a huge keeper in my book…welp that is it for today and hope you enjoy my blog posts and stick around ~ thanks bunches & hugzz


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