Happy St. Paddy’s Day

March 17th is known around the world for most as St. Patrick’s Day ~ when growing up my Grandparents lived right next door to a very Irish family ~ I got to venture over there several times on this day to be a little disappointed in how this family celebrated ~ was to them a religious celebration on the anniversary of the death of one of the foremost patron Saint of Ireland…no Irish jigs, green beer or other  things known to most of us ~ was quiet and stories were told about days when they lived back in Ireland where they would gather at pubs to “down the shamrock and make toasts with Irish whiskey ~ fast forward to present day where things are a little livelier due to influence from the USA…always wearing of the green was a tradition that I have tried to keep each year especially in my later high school years where I would die my blonde hair a gorgeous Kelly Green thanks to food coloring…yes I was very daring and off the grid even back then and that was more than well lets say 30+ years ago…giggling at those memories that got me sent home 2 years to wash it out and finally my senior year they decided to let me stay in class…even working was the one day my hair would magically turn green ~ glad it did wash out because my parents were not as open minded about my choice of hair color …One day out of the year everyone seems to be Irish ~ the bars get packed, green beer flows out the taps and smells of corn beef and cabbage ranks up there on the choice of menu or a great other standard is the Reuben sandwich -which roomies and I are fixing on Friday a day later..but my wish for each of you that will be out celebrating is be a smart drinker and grab a designated driver or take the easy way out and just celebrate in SL ~ Erin go Bragh  

Dena wearing her Irish 

Starr said to me tomorrow is St. Patricks’ day and asked if we are dressing up ~ course the answer was YES ~ quick hint LOOK on MARKETPLACE ~ a great place to go find costumes quickly and fairly inexpensive as well ~ so hey decided to go whole hog and add a little bit of spice to my day…as you can see it is a bit risque to some but outfit does cover your bits and parts so no worries ~ nice tats going up the leg ~ aptly named “Sexy Shamrock” and comes from Lunamoon’s Creations  and comes with appliers as well…didn’t need to die my hair like Starr did *laughing* as I found this hair from last years Hair Fair from Exile but not sure of the name ~ could of been “Jill” but do not hold me on that one…and my lovely green lips came as a gift from my Bestie from Stellar that you can grab also on Marketplace ~ as Starr said it Happy St. Paddys Day to you all!!!

Sten wears his Irish 

Waves a big HELLO !  Am back and hoping you all missed me ~ okay my sexy wife Starr and her partner in crime dragged me back with the promises of Green Beer for this holiday ~ {well Starr did promise to model something for me she had bought herself for the holiday but I digress} As we will do our bar hopping I am dressing this perfect outfit from Dedalo, which will match any beer that I might spill on it, NOT that the ladies might get me drunk or anything like that…oh yes she just loves my lucky charm shoes from Viviane Fashion ~ never know when I might have to be fast and fleet of foot and not need bail money ~ hey maybe we’ll get to do a The World’s End style pub crawl complete with aliens…again am hopefully I won’t need much bail money ~ Cheers to all as I raise my glass of Green beer.

Wearing the green 

Yes am a wearing the green with my off the shoulders top and low slung leather pants, which found in my late nite trolling of Marketplace...see the kiss tat that sports my hip ~ should of showed you the back but instead will tell you it says “Kiss Me Am Irish” ~ along with sporting the lips of green from [Stellar] as well ~ Lunamoon also had the eye makeup with the green glitter and shamrocks on the face ~  my hair is from Magika called Hush that does have a color pack #3 to get this color…

There you go Sten, Dena and myself are ready to celebrate St. Paddy’s day in style…least now we won’t get pinch not having green on …we are rocking the green ~ hubby has no clue what he is in for ~ shots of Jamison Irish Whiskey ~ listening to drinking Irish songs like the Wild Rover or Molly Malone and of course am sure we will hear Danny Boy…while we enjoy some munching on Soda Bread, tasting CornBeef & Cabbage and possibly top it off with a perfectly made Irish Coffee ~ have fun remember be safe!!!



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