More and More Stuff from W.S.H.

Hello am back with more stuff from the Stuff hunt ~ say that 3 times real fast LOL…opening all those boxes and trying on does take time ~ I like changing hair to make sure am giving the outfit a chance with a different look ~ sometimes just looking at the pic of whatever it is just does not get it ~ like when you walk into a store and look on the rack or see the model’s image showing off this dress or outfit ~ might look awesome on her but on you with that specific color maybe not so much…I know there are colors that even in SL I do really tend to shy away from and that is orange at the top of my list then will go yellow, brown, and possibly green ~ not saying that I might not try it but Orange for me is not my color and yellow at times really washes out my skin…sometimes same could be said for shades of hair that at times I find trying a pastel shade or even as I am coming to love some of the shades of Red…never could be a redhead in rl even tried it but the color just faded so quick I ended up with pink hair…oh well I did try but always went back to my blonde both in RL and in SL ~ guess we all fall back on what we are comfortable with…got a lot to show you so better get with it huh…


From Store #59 Firefly comes this interesting outfit ~ this is a Mesh dress …very see thru but does come with panties that I am wearing and really nice detailing on the outfit itself along with the tat you see on my leg ~ just might be something for a RP ~


Oh are you looking for a gorgeous dress to wear for St. Paddy’s Day this might just be it…coming from Store #54 Coveted ~ sleek mermaid style gown that comes with that tiara perched on top of my head ~ completely mesh and fits my Lara with just a slight adjustment in the alpha but nothing severe…great color and hugz the body giving you a very sexy image…

Flash Dress

Up next this dress from WellMade Store #51 is flirty, fun and something that will be an outfit to take you out for a night of dancing ~ I do love the way the straps are giving that xtra little edge ~ fits perfect ~

Daisy in Purple

Last but not far from least is Aurora’s Closet gift ~ always need those outfits that you will fit in during the day looking sleek, smart and oh so chic…very professional looking and just love the rolled up cuffs on the sleeve ~ this is one piece and fits like it looks ~ perfection plus on this ~ her store is #57 ~

Thank you to Samderek of FireflyTifridh Fallen of CovetedThidelly of WellMade and Aurora36 of Aurora’s Closet for the great gifts along with my extreme apology to Samderek for describing that gift incorrectly…

Time is ticking down for this hunt and almost halfway thru the month ~ I do hope you are enjoying the fashion show and all the items that have shown along  with possibly taking those LM’s and grabbing the gifts…so many are exclusive that it truly is up to the creators if they want to bring the item into their store…and what can you lose but possibly a few minutes of your time well maybe a little more as there is 150 stores to find these great gifts and moneywise at the most couple lindens if that…creators really have outdone themselves with this hunt and it is one of my favorites especially when I find new stores to shop in and some great outfits to wear…..till next time hugzz




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