A Night of Celtic Dreams

I was intrigued by this object that one of my dear sweet friends sent me so I accepted it and rezzed it and just stared, grinned and laughed…what an ingenious way to send out an invite so let me start by showing you my invite for “Celtic Dreams” another great production that was produced & directed by Kyle Mckenna Starling and performed by The Oval Theatre Company…


Pretty interesting ~ giggling as I now stare at him ~ course I accepted because this had to be an Irish good luck and a hint of what was in store for me to see ~ am speaking of my good friends from the Oval Theater Company who are putting on “Celtic Dreams”  I am excited as I  know it will be a huge huge success…so on with the review…first Dena and I had to get dressed you just do not go to the Oval in anything less than looking your best ~


and Dena looked smashing in that white gown that was a fantastic prize from the stuff hunt we just finished ~ I did a little change up and wore a longer cocktail dress ~


Still fancy and put my favorite updo from D!va and was ready to go enjoy the show…I did forget to mention that was told they had completely redone their theater so I was excited to see it …


and I was not in the least disappointed in landing and seeing this sign and greeting upon our arrival…you can tell a lot of detail went into creating this look and absolutely love it…kudos to the whole crew that worked on this new theatre…


Dena and I found some seats close to the front but again the design is there are NO BAD seats at all…but I warn you it will fill up quickly as only limited seating so do not wait for the last minute to come see the show..We did share our table with an interesting gentleman Trojan Corvonii ~ he was very kind in asking if he may sit which I always love meeting new people ~ learned a lot from listening to him speak and am glad he took the time to share things about himself…thank you Trojan was nice to have met you…



How could we not be impressed with the opening number ~ look at all the dancers in sync with the music and loved the sets just as much….I just sat mesmerized throughout the whole production….the music was a variety of various Irish tunes that I fell in love with various tunes ~ The first needed no introduction as it was “Riverdance” just loved love the choreographic of this…there were  songs like A Place in the Choir, Ireland’s Call, Fields of Gold, and many more PLUS my favorite Danny Boy, The Sound of Silence and Amazing GraceMolly Malone was done so well I just sat in my seat without moving not even to take pics ~ even when her ghost appeared it was really amazing...BRAVO!!!


Look at this costumes up in that pic ~ again they were so well chosen to go with the songs and the dances itself…am gushing over all of the costumes, from the fairies to the dancers


And not to mention the sets either ~ you can tell so much thought and planning went into this production…

And it wasn’t only me that enjoyed this performance as I did ask others what they thought…I asked Theron Mexicola how he was enjoying the show and I will quote him to make sure I get it right…“I am absolutely loving it”  as well as Dr.Mrs.BlueMystique said “I would have to say its the most wonderfulest performance I seen on SL” she even goes to say that she hopes they will do more like this as it was just entertaining for her family that she brought with her…and cannot forget my bestie Dena Teardrop who said this “St Patricks day came early to the Oval as they laid on a wonderful Irish show for us .
The sets where wonderfully laid out for each artist & group the music matched wonderfully.The variation of tunes was smashing to listen too. The effort and attention to the dances and costumes amazed me”  

And no am not gonna show you more pics because you need to come see it in person ~ hear the music and see all the performers, the great sets and feel the atmosphere yourself…to quote them “Come celebrate the majesty and splendor of Celtic Dreams, where myths, legends and modern day Celtic Songs fuse together to create a truly wondrous homage to Saint Patrick and all things Irish”…oh before I tell you the performance dates I do want to thank all the members of the cast ~

Kyle McKenna Starling
Beezy Starling McKenna
Red Hykova
Othon Weiland Nootan
Chris Blackheart Gracemount
Steve Ruhig
Dondiego Beaumont
Akenavus Icerose
Jessilyn Brandi
Hettange Ferryhill
Iasfy Zepp
Eric Neko

Please know am standing and applauding each of you for your hardwork and dedication to making this performance outstanding …thank you and please take this LM and come see this performance ~ Monday ~ March 14th 1pm SLT, Thursday ~ March 17th 1pm SLT, and last performance will be on Saturday ~ March 19th at 1pm...


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