All about Hunts ~ Day 68

Today am talking about hunts, which am sure many of you have at least done one in the past or doing them now ~ for me hunts is such an awesome way to find new shops, expensive clothes that are given as gifts and a fun time figuring out clues ~ I mentioned “fun time” as that is what hunts should be FUN….even the hunts that you pay either 1L or 2L or whatever the amount is still should be fun ~ but at times I sit and shake my hair and my brain and truly wonder do the store creators rather we not find the item or is this hunt that hard and frustrating that you hear whispers of forget this hunt no matter what the prize is … sadly you can have a great hunt with fantastic prizes but what good is a hunt if no one comes or no one finds the gifts but a rare few…is that a successful hunt?  Am not mentioning stores, hunts or creators or promoters at all am sure they know who they are and sadly when I go on a hunt yes course I am expecting it to hunt for the item ~ and yes at times I have used area search when my time limit that I set for “myself” exceeds and see not one decoy or even 3 maybe five but anything over 25 is a tad excessive which is seriously just saying to me ha ha you will never find it ~ oh well then guess that is my loss ~and maybe it is my loss but only my time because no prize or no gift is worth total frustration ~ one more thing that I think is another important item to mention is at least in mine and couple others is the creator’s gift should be a representation of their store…yet I see clothing stores offer not clothing but something else and why because it is quick or it is easy ~ please do not get me wrong I love getting accessories like necklace and jewelry or nail polish if that is what your store sells ~ for the most part the stores go out of their way to show off their talents and to nudge you to coming back and buying from them..those stores I have blogged about and will continue to ~ I try to send out thank yous to those that I will keep and was appreciative of their gifts…anyway these are my personal thoughts and opinions on the Hunts in SL ~ so Dena and I grabbed some items from hunts and gifts from either Womenstuff or the Shiny Shabby…thank you again for your gifts

Dena & Myself 

Dena and I are both wearing the shirt from Blink2Wink from the Stuff Hunt ~ I know copycats but I was the one copying her plus I love the message ~ “Respect Women” so true..btw want the tshirt it is store #130 and here is your ride where the clue is “Chillin’ with these pinkies.” ~ Her cute flirty and fun skirt with its double ruffle and dotty pattern that maybe wear with a halter or bikini top in the summer ~ Summer Dots is the name of the outfit that comes from the RGWD Main Store ~ again a really great gift that is store #53 and their hint is “I love Ballet” ~ lastly her boots are from Vaxer and come with a see-thru bodysuit that has a hud and appliers for a black/white version..Store # 7 for the boots and need a ride here ya go  and the hint to find the red shirt is ” E is the last letter of NEW RELEASE”  ~ Dena looks so put together as mixing and matching is her speciality ~ WTG bestie!!!

Now as I said earlier my top came from the Stuff hunt but the jeans are from Coco at the Shiny Shabby event and it is celebrating their Anniversary so each designer/creator has put out a FABULOUS gift for you ~ actually no hunting involved just go there and start walking and you will see gift wrapped packages sitting in front of every store or possibly inside…also from there is the hair am wearing “Kiki” which has also exclusives colors like the one you see ~ thank you goes out to [elikatira] for this awesome gift…lastly my Military style boots from [hoorenbeek] that am in love with ~ so looking for your limo to go collect those gifts here it is Shiny Shabby  but you better hurry since it will end in 2 days…

From Dena and myself we truly do love doing hunts ~ I hope that my comments will be taken not negativity but only with sincerest constructive thoughts ~ hugzz till next time





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