Spotlight on VanBeecks ~

Welcome back everyone ~ as I had said earlier the Womenstuff Hunt is ongoing till the end of this month ~ Dena and I finished the hunt and still in the process of opening 150 boxes from the stores…each of us will be highlighting specific stores with short blog posts ~ my wish is even if you are not a hunter you might take time to go and seek out the prize or hey give a look around at what the store we are featuring has to offer…


Store # 17 on the Stuff Hunt is Vanbeeck’s and look at this interesting dress that was created ~ speaking with the owner/creator if you look at the texture it is leather ~ yes leather ~ how cool is that a different way to use leather in this cute and flirty mini dress that also the bottom features red luscious lips ~

Vanbeeck’s is coming up with some really creative uses for edgy textures for clothes and I for one applaud ~ so looking for something that will look cute, sexy and absolutely different take this LM and hunt for that red shirt ~ this prize is waiting just follow the clue “You better get me to the church on time” 

Please stay tune for more fashions from the Stuff Hunt ~ thank you again ~ hugzz

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