Exclusive from Wicca’s Wardrobe

This outfit is simply stunning and looks very high Fashion ~ also another exclusive of the Womens Stuff Hunt ~ if you are not sure what that means it is only for the Stuff Hunt and unless the creator wants to bring it in the store after the hunt but most time once the hunt is over the outfit or item goes poof…the outfit I am highlight right now is from Store #99 Wicca’s Wardrobe ~ let me show you what I mean…

Exclusive to the Stuff Hunt 

Is this outfit not stunning and can go either way ~ one that could be worn on a casual afternoon outing or attending a gallery showing or just strolling barefoot on a beach with your sweetheart either way you will look smart, chic and very classy wearing this ~ another find that will become a keeper in my inventory ~ oh btw the clue “and the Oscars go to…” is really an easy one to find that red tshirt that holds this prize ~ big shout of thank you to Wicca Merlin owner of Wicca’s Wardrobe  for this stunning outfit ~ so here is your ride to the store and while you are there check out all the other stuff ~ don’t have time then please check out the store on Marketplace ~ good luck and have fun with the hunt…

Please stick around as Dena and I keep opening more and more boxes ~ my studio is getting full but am loving each item that am discovering ~ thank you for taking time out to read…oh stick around am going to also do a blog post on the Monthly Madness that I recently participated in…lot of goodies there too ~ till later hugzz

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