Dena Spotlights Culco Boutique

Store #29 ~ Culco  

OMG – I just love love this dress from the Womens Stuff Hunt that Starr and I just finished couple days ago ~ this dress that is named “Halter Criss” is absolutely one of my faves so far ~ how do I describe this fabulous dress with adjectives as stunning and beautiful ~ and also very very sexy ~ this is simply a must have for your wardrobe because once you put this on tongues will wag, jaws will drop and most importantly will make you feel like a million bucks….now look at the back of this dress ~

Back View ~ 

Is this not even more sexier?  Another simply stunning way to show off that hard earned, hours of gym time bum ~ this is beyond sexy it is stunning yet so classy and very chic…you will be wearing this dress for months to come ~ if you have a hubby or a boyfriend or a partner they will be drooling over you all night long ~ from the criss cross top to the way your gorgeous butt is displayed this is one that you need to run quick as you can to Culco Boutique and find the red tshirt and it is YOURS!!!  Even if you are not into hunting spend a little time in the store as the clue “find your lucky clover” and go for the dress I trust you will not be disappointed ~ oh yes need a ride here you go   ~ and let me thank the creator Culco for this fantastic gift ~ one last comment before I go well make that two as I cannot stop talking about this outfit and the store but she also has a Marketplace store that I would check out here  as well as a blog   ~ on that note I have to say it was the first time but will not be my last to visit her store as I spent a few minutes looking around at her clothes and spied several I will be purchasing in the future…oh yes and thank you to Starr for always making me look spectacular in the pics….hugz to her

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