Showing off Stuff Hunt gifts

I just have to keep repeating myself about this hunt and how fantastic all the creators are as I open box after box and finding the fabulous gifts inside ~ now it is my turn to show you the first of many from this hunt ~

Store #146

This outfit is from Ashmoot ~ if you are just picking and choosing ~ really nice draping in the front, which shows off either a nice long necklace or your very sexy decolletage and love the color of this dress and the fit is absolutely perfect… make sure you get this one..

Store # 147 ROA

Oh my what can I say about Rock of Ages Fashion except THANK YOU for giving us not one, not two but 3 gifts each one as fabulous as the next ~ this outfit is called Monique Autumn Spice very aptly named due to the rich color and texture of this ~ also with those gorgeous matching ankle boots that are mesh just love love the total look ~ another must have store that you cannot pass by…here is your direct ride to the ROA ~ remember there are 3 gifts to look for ~

Stores #92, 100 & 21 

Final outfit is a combination of a couple of stores ~ so will start at the top with Ambient Fashion and Assan Jacket ~ really nice fitting jacket and also is one piece with the undershirt as well ~ moving down to the pin-striped pants from Winterwood  and they are one of the exclusives for this hunt ~ love love these pants ~ they fit well and the detailing is spot on ~ lastly the heels that are the gift from Chic & Shoes called Weekend Heels but for me these will not just be for the weekend ~ also comes with a hud so you get a nice variety of color changes…

To my readers and followers thank you and it is very appreciated all the likes that I have received ~ to the creators/designers of the stores again my sincerest thank you for your gifts and I so appreciate each and every one…stick around lotz more to come

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