Ripley Bay Tats ~ Store # 132

Hello am back again with a short blog post on a store from the WomensStuff Hunt ~ first let me say am not a tat fan for the most part for several reasons most tats do not appeal to me and second finding unique feminine ones that mean something ~ soooo I was so excited opening the box from Ripley Bay that I just had to stop and take pics and tell you ~ first let me show you the tat….


This is gorgeous is it not?  A very delicate that you could let it shine wearing a very nice low gown with ~ or possibly for those oh so romantic moments with someone special…and look at the words “let your dreams fly” how powerful is that?  As we all have dreams that we hold onto and instead take charge and let them go become those ~ ok maybe that is just my interpretation but this is the prize that you get from Ripley Bay Tattoo ~ a small yet growing store that I noticed another thing they have matching tats for male/female IN the same box ~ LOVE that ~ speaking with one of the owners Stuart commented that his wife wears Maitreya so you KNOW what that means for all of us that wear that it will fit !!!  That is another plus….so if you have not made it to this store make sure you do not miss it …clue fits great and cannot wait to see what else they will come up with…thank you for the great gift

Here is your ride and the clue is  Maybe it’s dancing with a Butterfly…

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