Sten is Stylin with Vero Modero


Hello everyone…today on my first blog post for Vero Modero I wanted to show off one of the group gifts for men but before I do show you I did want to thank  Bouquet Babii creator and owner of Vero for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this blogger team…


The suit that I am wearing is the “Red Suit” ~ nice mesh along with great textures for the pants and the suit jacket…am glad to see VM has group gifts for men & women and there is a nice selection for the males to either choose all or just one ~ but for this outfit I do love the look of it with the jacket, vest, shirt and tie and notice the cuff-links even as she has really spent some time with the details ~ this is great for club hopping, maybe taking your better half to a romantic dance venue because once you walk across that floor you will look like you came from the pages of GQ and your date whoever she may be will appreciate you looking so put together…If you have not made it over to VM guys or even all you females out there this might just be the place to grab your man and take him shopping ~ as picky as I am with my clothing and Starr can attest to that fact there were several outfits, shirts and pants that I would choose and have purchased ~ you will not be disappointed in the  quality of her work either ~ need a ride well here it is to Vero Modero ~ also check her out on Marketplace she has some great deals as well…again thank you to Bouquet Babii for allowing me to be a part of this great blogger team …ENJOY!!!

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