Dena’s Styling with Vero Modero

My look in VM Strip Dress

Have been a Vero Modero fan for a long time and also am honored to be a part of the blogging team along with Starr and Sten ~ thank you…I chose this color to show off because I fell in love with the color along with how it looks on ~ love how it fits across the top of the bust line and the draping across not only gives great detail but will hide any imperfections you might want to cover up ~ also the fact that you can wear with or without the sleeves giving you two different looks ~ this is a great dress for either a cocktail hour or evening out….

The Brace Gown 

The feel of this dress against your skin is amazing…vibrant in color and 14 different color choices that are available for you to either buy one or all…the draping to show off your spine is first class as it fits every curve of the body and makes you feel very special when wearing this…the fall and flow of the material is wonderful..Dress it up with simple beads or dazzling jewelry and I am sure you will get compliments wherever you go…My suggestion is take a trip to Vero Modero and check both of these dresses out ~ the Strip Dress and the Brace Gown ~ you won’t be sorry ~

Hair is from DeLa ~ Royce   Shoes from KC Couture 



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