Are you ready for some Raceday…

Day 50 and we see our team grabbing our racing gear well not all of us as Dena and myself are only allowed so far with our VIP passes ~ we are really hoping to be able to walk down Pit Row to see and talk with some of the well known and not so well known drivers…this is the 58th year and my sweet hubby is jumping up and down with excitement ~ a brand new stadium where no seat will be bad and even if you are not there watching on the TV will be just as exciting ~ lot of the activity as already started and the fans are with fingers crossed for absolutely perfect race day weather but you just never know in Florida ~ whatever day the stands will be packed as Sunday draws closer and closer you will see the beaches crawling with cars because we all know Daytona Beach will be the place to be to be seen either driving on the sand or sitting on top of their RV’s with binoculars just craning their necks to catch some of those babes in bikinis….guess I should let you see Dena and I in our skimpy race day outfits huh…..alrighty…


Yes welcome to Daytona 500 where Dena and I got to stand just down a little for a quick snap of the camera before we were rushed off and from the length of those tire tracks might be a good thing too ~ my sweet husband Sten decided he wanted Dena and I to have the same outfit so off he went to Marketplace to perve race day outfits ~ hmm sure hope I do not get sunburned in this ~ aptly named “Skinny girl Racer comes with visor, hot pants, tie top, and the special VIP pass ~ but because this came with no appliers and I know his heart was in the right place we removed our “Lara” just this one time for him…as I remind him he needs to check if they are non mesh they must have appliers…I do hope creators will really meet the needs and go back and either making appliers or learn mesh ~ oh ooops my bad here is the MP link to get the outfit ~ well gotta run seems hubby is dressed and ready for his one practice lap around the track…..laterzz


Nascar season is here …YES!!! As I stand in front of my racecar and yes please note that it’s a FORD, I climb into my Fire-suit from Tornado Race Gear   Must think of safety first and this is just the thing to be wearing for Race Day ~ check out Tornado they had a lot of toys and lots of racetracks for those that like me want to race and smell those intoxicating fumes and smell the burn of the tires as they take the turns and then go flat out on the straightaways…oh my car well it is a Factory Ford STockcar that you can go here to grab your favorite model but if I was you stick with the Ford and not the Chevy ~ watch out for Team Lucky Charmz when we hopefully ride into the winners circle come Sunday….

Well I sure will be rooting for my favorite driver and I won’t say so there be no jinxing his name but you can be sure there are people all over that want Dale Earnhardt Jr to have that checkered flag as he is the fave among the bettors in Vegas…then there is Jimmie Johnson who you just know he will be drafting right behind him ~hubby thinks he likes driver Brad Keselowski just for how he annoys the other drivers…no clue what that means but it does figure he would say that … either way I do hope the race will be a safe one without too many collisions ~ I know hubby will be waiting for those infamous words to be heard come Sunday “drivers start your engines”….till next time hugzz and thank you for taking time to read and follow.

Pro Speed Race Suit comes with shoes, and helmet and entire firesuit
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring
*GEL* Master Ring
 7 Deadly s{K}ins – Damien Box 1 Taupe noHB
NIKITA**Wolf eyebrows
NIKITA**super dark gray eyes

Dena and my details were somehow lost or accidentally cut off so I do apologize for the error…



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