Oval Theater Valentine Special

Oh what a treat Dena and I had to see another production at the Oval especially for their Valentine special ~ and it was absolutely fantastic ~ am not sure I have enough words to gush on and on about it just was really so well done ~


These cupcakes decorated each table and looked yummy and very delish ~ again am so glad we got there early because seating was limited as the Oval provides a very cozy yet intimate setting as you can see in the pic below


From every seat you have a great view of the stage~ there are those signs that say “applause” that you can click to send immense applause to the numbers and or performers ~ at our table we were delighted to have a centaur sitting with us ~ and how nice of the owners to lay down a lush rug for him to sit on ~ they really do their best to provide everyone a level of comfortable seating…


From the plush chairs to the cute cupcakes that I did resist tasting so I would not spoil my dinner ~ but the show held our attention from the starting number to the grand finale…


There was even a playlist put up on the wall so you knew exactly what songs and who was in each performance ~ From Chris that performed flawlessly as Adele and yes I just loved his costume he had it spot on ~ to Beez singing as Whitney who the entire song just gave me goosebumps ~ also there was the performance of Michael Jackson that I had to look twice to see if his ghost was there or not…such a great job


You can tell from the stage settings, the choreography and the music was just so spot on that you were either singing along or just staring and immersing yourself with the show like I was ~


Just look at that gorgeous dress ~ and the entire set was spotlight on Whitney I so commend the entire production ~ it was simply stunning


What a way to celebrate Valentine Day and sadly that was their last show but as you can see the images do not do justice to being there ~ even if you missed this performance please take my urging and make sure you do not miss another one am hearing they are planning something grande for St. Paddy’s day so look for a notice or hints from me but…I will say if this interest you possibly becoming someone that we can watch on stage you might want to get in contact with couple of friends of mine and see is it up your liking ~ please contact  Kyle Mckenna Starling or Beez Starling Mckenna just let them know you are interested in applying to the theater…good luck and really this is such a unique opportunity in SL to see performances of this caliber ~ professionally put together not just a jumble of songs ~ they really each of them put 200% effort into making this a show that you will enjoy and talk about ~ my hat is off and I stand to applaud all their efforts ~ thank you for providing a great musical performance……



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