Stopping to go Shopping…Day 34

Ok we took a short break to go shopping…my no buy ban is officially over but after 31 days of not buying I am being diligent in what am purchasing ~ this was just a brief foray into a couple of sales that was those how could I pass them up…so each of us put on our fashion looks from within our closets to venture out to the stores…I must say that Dena and I did look like we just belonged on either Rodeo Drive or Fifth Avenue and yes even sweet hubby got into grabbing a couple of bags of mine *grinz…so let me show you our looks from our shopping spree…


As I go whooshing by trying to catch up to Dena and hubby this outfit just was such a smart choice ~  even my choice of this brash bold lipstick by **LaBelle**  just finished the look but let me say the outfit was a treat to moi from Tay-Lay-Designs  on Marketplace that includes what you see me wearing…the jacket, top, pants and also has shoes, bracelet and necklace that I had a ooops moment and forget to wear them I was in a rush as you can see ~ letting my long hair flow courtesy of Catwa *Bella* , which really I do love this hair since there are several flexi add-ons…and yes I am not going to forget to add my necklace and earrings from Bellic Rockz that you shouldn’t either ~ just saying they are on sale as a promo for only 99L till the end of this month ~ truly becoming my to go to jewelry set that really just gives the whole high fashion look complete…well better hurry and catch up I know hubby doesn’t like to be standing there holding any type of shopping bags…ciao


Wonders how I got dragged off to do shopping since I thought this blog was about these two women who would no longer shop until they cleaned out their inventory…hmmm but here I am with shopping bag in hand…Oh well, at least it is mine and not Starr’s or Dena’s ….OR even WORSE me holding their purses as they shop!  The outfit am wearing as I do wait for my sexy wifey to catch up with me is a promo outfit from Lapointe & Bastchild Clothing ~  very nice fitting leather jacket that the design just stands out as you can see along with the jeans and a black shirt for underneath…slipped on my black wingtips from The Gentry that you still can find here on Marketplace  I do love the overall look even with this shopping bag in hand and honestly *looking around to make sure Starr is not hearing this* I honestly do not mind going shopping with her seeing at times our times together are brief and it is fun watching her in action as she picks up bargain after bargain….but I have to appear to grumble and complain so shhhh is the word ~ till next time ENJOY…


A girl can never have enough shoes, and here I am out on a shopping spree with my bestie Starr as I spot her in the distant rushing to catch up with me…As you can tell by all the bags in hand that we started hitting some of our favorite places for a little retail therapy after our months ban…was hard going but we made it …now we are like kids in a candy store again and we do so have fun shopping together…so pulled together my high fashion look with this lacey halter top from Hawker House and paired it with my well worn skinny jeans from Kingbalstores  also wanted to let my hair down so I chose to wear “Neria” from my fave hair store Truth  slipping on some comfy shopping shoes from .:Like Design and my look is complete….now if only Starr would hurry up we still have lot more store to hit…ooops maybe not as I see Sten walking towards me with a scowl on his face….ut oh

Ok ok I caught up with both of them and we all trudged off to our favorite watering hole to have a couple of cool drinks and a plate of munchies to satisfy everyone’s craving after a long day of shopping ….. and no we didn’t buy the store out even with all the bags we were carrying…little here and little there and well ok we did make a dent in our lindens but hey we had to catch up …..till next time when I think we are invited to a cocktail party that will show you what I still can pull out of my closet …. hugzz to all

.: LIKE DESIGN :. Looped Shoes 
Tone Soft Expressions – Lips – Penny
Make ups – pink
*MC* Makeup – Smokey Eye
**NOYA** designs Butterfly Eyelashes
Aly – Diamond Nose Stud 
Lace Halter Crop Top 
Ladies Mesh Worn Skinny Jeans 
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara 
Slink Feet High 
Slink Hands Casual
Glam Affair – Amberly 
Blush’s Jade Eyes

:L&B:. “D J” Black T shirt 
.:L&B:. “D J” Leather pants
.:L&B:. “D J” jacket 
Amacci Hair Blake -Snow
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring 
Western Black Wingtips
7 Deadly s{K}ins – Damien 
NIKITA**Wolf eyebrows
NIKITA**super dark gray eyes

**LaBelle**Lipstick Red Blood
“Eternally” Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring 
*MC* “Falsies” Eyelash – Upper 
*TL* high fashion jacket with top and pants 
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
AlVulo ! MEsh eyeliner Starshine black
BR – Onyx Heart Earrings
BR – Onyx Heart Necklace – Silver
CCD – Nose Piercing
CCD – Piercing – Beauty Mark 
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara 
Slink Hands Casual
Slink Female Feet  – High
Glam Affair – Amberly – 
IKON Lucid Eyes – Optimism 


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