Rubies, Silver and more oh my…

Hello everyone and yes I did promise you a preview of Bellic Rockz latest offerings and they are ones that YOU yes YOU should grab this ride to her store and snatch up each of these that I am about to show you ~ first I did ask my sexy hubby if he would also help me with this and as he is turning into a really good blogger ~ see pic below on him wearing the Red & Black Onyx Leather necklace…


A double leather cord necklace that sits nicely on his neck ~ and yes very manly looking on his too ~ Mefree chose just the right amount of stones for this highlighted by the silver spacers ~ for me this is a spot on choice for anyone to give to their sweety or special someone for a gift or even guys out there to buy for yourselves…it is on a great promo price of ONLY 99L which to me is a huge huge steal ~ this price will be starting now so here is your big chance everyone to come and get this necklace…asking Sten his thoughts on this he commented that yes he would make it one of his keepables and that he would of purchased it ~ great compliment from him as he is picky about what goes around his neck…he is not a big fan of jewelry so that is saying a lot on this piece…


Ruby and Roses just how can you go wrong in choosing this one ~ I could of worn a very luxury gown to show this set off but….my intention is to let you see that it can also be worn as a casual as well…look how nice it does look and ignore my strap mark I did hit the tanning booth just a little too much and it really shows huh…anyway back to the Ruby & Roses Heart set ~ this is a perfect combination of earrings and necklace that yes can be worn either out and about shopping or it can be worn dressed in your finest gown for a night of dancing at your formal venue…either it is a piece that can be for both ~ if you look the roses are placed just so to form a heart as well ~ love that and overall I really love the look of this ~ very nicely designed and this is also a promo piece for upcoming Valentine Day, which the price is 99L as well…

Can you go wrong in choosing either of these or because of the price hey get both for the value of 99L you won’t be disappointed ~ oh and please stick around I do have some other items to show you that also have that great promo price ~ but while you are waiting why not go to the store take this ride  and take a look around ~ thanks for reading, hugzz



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