Pretty, Pretty Things

Yes pretty pretty things to show you from Bellic Rockz ~ I love them each of them and really cannot pick a favorite among them ~ today I have the pleasure of showing you two more that have a great no they have a fantastic promo price of 99L ~ yeah I know what a steal…here is the first one ~

Onyx Heart
Red and Black Onyx Heart Set 

This could be a favorite just because ~ I do love the size of the earrings and how they sit on my ears ~ as my hand goes up to touch can tell they are lightweight so not to pull too much ~ then we have the necklace ~ again you can wear this with any outfit you want to dress it up ~ make it a little more special or as a very casual accessory piece ~ now that is not what makes this probably my fave it comes with this really cool hud ~ once you put the hud on you will see all the choices you can make to really put your look into it..look

Red & Black Onyx Hud

Very easy to use and look at all the changes and choices you can make ~ this really makes it very versatile and seriously you are only paying 99L as a promo code ~ WOW am just truly amazed ~

Ruby & Pearls Heart Set 

The last set I have to show you “Ruby & Pearls Heart Set”  The earrings are so adorable made up of Rubies and are studs and I love them!  Especially since it reminds me of a pair of RL ruby studs that I own…deep rich colors as well ~ then let your eyes fall down to the necklace and see how it is made up of rubies and pears ~ with a double heart and a pearl drop to finish it off ~ really really pretty ~ and yes this has a promo price of 99L as well..

These are now available at Bellic Rockz and all four pieces ~ Red & Black Onyx Heart Set, Ruby & Pearls Heart Set, Ruby & Roses Heart Set and the Red & Black Onyx Leather necklace for male and females are ALL set for 99L ~  this is only a promo price, which for me am telling you go grab these ~ you will not be disappointed in any of the choices….ooh yes here if your RIDE….

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