Gacha, Gacha, Gacha’s

Yes it is all about gacha’s and combined with my love of jewelry this works out perfect…Bellic Rockz has put in not one but two gacha machines in her store now featuring Double Heart Bracelets ~ see image below

Bellic Rockz Gacha Machines

Now you might have a hard time deciding which one to try out but for me there was no decision as I am truly a “Silver” fan ~ 6 different colors that you can try to win plus the Rare that is either made up of all gold or all silver ~ let me show you some up close images of the silver bracelets


This one is the brown and silver ~ nice detail on the entire design ~ love how the hearts are placed ~


Love being able to stack bracelets giving a very unique look to whatever I am wearing ~ from the purple *fave color* to the all silver one which is “rare” BUT….wait I did want to mention how much each pull is on these machines ~ it is ONLY 40L, which I think is a great bargain to at least try couple of times ….now maybe you are like me that will stick couple on your arm or go for the single bracelet but either way is a win win for you….

Also joining their group which is FREE comes with benefits ~ first there are group gifts and very nice ones ~ make sure you check those out along with if you are in the Third Eye group or SLFO there are gifts for those groups as well ~ AND on top of that there is also a MM  board for you to hit ~ I do hope that you will take the LM to her store and check out the other pieces she has for sale ~ her prices are reasonable as her quality and designs are very top notch ~ you can bet that she will be around as I wish her much success ~ oh yes almost forgot here is your ride so hop on right HERE and take it to the store…Enjoy your visit to Bellic Rockz ~

Thank you again to all my readers and followers and thank you so much to Mefree Bellic for letting me show off her jewelry in my blog…please stick around for the “In your Closet ~ Day 23 ~ its coming out shortly ~ hugzz to all

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