Bellic Rockz

Today I am very honored to say I was asked to become a blogger for a jewelry store “Bellic Rockz ~ excited and wanting to show you the first piece “Cross Necklace “~

Color Change Cross Necklace 

First the necklace does come in two sizes ~ short which I am showing and a longer version ~ also it comes with a hud that is unique, which when you pull up the hud you are given 9 different colors to use from black, marble, blue to name a couple, then on the side it will tell you that each stone can be changed separately ~ meaning there will be endless combinations for you ~ the hud is very uncomplicated to use as well *huge plus for me*…and for those that might need more information Mefree has also included a pic showing the labels for each stone…Myself am pretty simple in my taste and chose the all black look ~ you also have the choice of either silver or gold am a silver person ~ ..necklace is well made with a chain that is not so delicate it would put off a male to wear this…very unisex appeal.  As far as cost this is also appealing as well ~ till the end of January the store has placed this on a promotional price of 99L ~ I know right a really nice necklace with the hud for only that price …. pssst go grab it quickly ~ oh and am not done with showing you ~ below is the other item that is up for 99L as well

Starburst Necklace and Earrings

This necklace is also on a promotional price of 99L till end of January ~ after that the price will go up ~ I love the chain on this as it reminds me of some of the RL chains I would wear ~ and the earrings to match really give you that added touch ~ I am wearing this with a t-shirt to show you how you can jazz up the casual look as well as wear it with one of your gowns ~ for me that is a plus ~ I also like how it well it is made with fine detail to the overall composition of the Starburst ~ Mefree really has taken her time in the design of this and I compliment her with her talents ~ cannot wait to see what other items she will be creating. Another nice item in this necklace is that you are able to resize ~ and the choice of stones that she used is very complimentary to any outfit you would wear with this…

Bellic Rockz has a MM board and a free group to join another two pluses for me ~ am very excited about being the blogger for this store as I am a tad picky on what I wear when it comes to jewelry as I think everyone should be ~ if you take the LM to her store you will have a short walk to the left of the landing point ~ have a look see ~ join the group and I think you will not be disappointed in the quality of Mefree’s workmanship and designs..Here is your ride to Bellic Rockz 

Thank you again to Mefree Bellic for giving me the honor of blogging her designs I will be looking forward to her next creations…..hugzz for now

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