Happy New Year!


Dena and myself want to say “Happy New Year” to each of you ~ I know am so blessed and grateful to have such a great blogging partner as Dena ~ big hugz to her for being patient with me when I have to retake pics or ask her for stuff ~

As I had said on my earlier post we are going to start a new series “Into our closets” one of my New Years resolutions for January and possibly months following will be a slowdown on buying and January is for me a no buy month…all the outfits that Dena and I will be featuring comes directly from the depths of our closets and nothing that was given to us by any stores or sponsors ~ Now the gown you see me wearing is by Vero Modero and my hair is by one of my favorite hair creators D!va ~ her updo’s I just love when wearing gowns or that calls for something very fancy ~ the little wisps just add a certain touch ~ Dena looking very posh with the updo also from D!va and her little sexy black cocktail dress that comes from Mystic Fashion, which she has paired with a very nice slink heel from R.icelli ~ 

For my faithful followers please remember the Into our Closet will be running on a daily basis as both her and I have an enormous amounts of clothing probably never even unpacked that we really want to show off to you…now we will do our best to give out landmarks when and if the store is still around…we also will try to say if this was an MP item, sale item or even found from a hunt…I do wish that you will look forward to seeing what we come up with day to day and maybe that will give you some ideas of your own for mixing and matching…please let me extend from both of us our appreciation to those that follow and to let others know about this blog…may your New Year be a very healthy and happy one !  Please stay tuned for our first post In the closet series….

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