Reintroduce myself and my BFF

Since it has been awhile might as well reintroduce my self and my bff as well so you can get to know us and again what my blog is all about ~ tons of fashion blogs out there but I didn’t see anything that really gave you places to go and show off your clothes or travel around SL ~ yes there is the destination guide which I do use at times but I wanted more from it at least on my perspective seeing SL is such a huge huge place ~ plus also to show off all the outfits that I wear and possibly encourage you to one come visit these far off places and hey maybe you like what am wearing, which I will always give you all the details ~ for me I will put in the LM to the place but not the stores since a lot move around or change location ~ for those that do follow me please share my blog with others or point out to those new to SL ~ some might think the only thing to do in SL is buy clothes and that is soo not true and I want you to see that….now on to me am a long time resident of SL almost 8 years since 2008 I came to only check this out as a rl girlfriend kept on and on about this place called Second Life ~ as I stumbled around alone because she and her hubby were on a rl vacation I got entranced and addicted ~ have made so many rl connections of friends from all over the globe ~ I live on the East Coast in RL in a tiny beach resort town in Delaware ~ 20 minutes and my toes are touching the Atlantic Ocean ~ summertimes in SL am semi absent during daytime but now you will see a lot more of me ~ love taking pics of landscapes and do some portrait work in my studio ~ oh and yes am such a shopoholic hehe just ask my partner he will tell you that my looks are never the same and that is after him and I together for over a year…seriously I could change outfits maybe 3 times a day and still have no repeats ~ could not do that in rl nor would I want to…but for the brief moment here is my look of the day


End of post will give you details of what am wearing ~ now to introduce my bestest friend Dena to you ~ she hails from across the pond in the UK ~ and we became friends during one of the bigger hunts and just clicked…sharing so many of the same likes and dislikes you would think we were twins separated at birth LOL ~ we have a lot of the same clothes and hair that we are mistaken at times….plus she loves loves to shop and I think we feed each other additions as well ~ she has shown me some great stores, finds sales and other stuff that she knows I won’t be able to say no ~ plus it is always nice to find a friend in SL that you can have fun with, share laughs and have the same interests ~ so you will be seeing her more and more as we travel around SL together and the fact she will also be scouring places for us to show you ~ both of us will provide the details of what we are wearing ~


As you can see from the pic above she is gorgeous along with being witty and a smart azz at times plus she has just as many clothes so bringing her on board will only enhance this blog for you as my readers ~ together we have a lot of years in SL but are up for finding you some unique and fun places to explore, to enjoy and I have someone else to take pics of so you will see maybe more of her than me hehe ~ we both have partners that usually are on evenings so gives us free time to explore this vast world of SL .. ~ stay tuned to travel around SL with us and for those that are new please take a leap and follow the LM’s ~ my wish is to show you another side of SL …. hugzz to all ~ till next time

Details you wanna have ~


HQ**Sugar Lips- Cherries Jubilee**
“R.A.Crystal”Sweny necklace2
.::WoW::. Diva Lashes
::ROC:: Bohemia Tassel Boot
>TRUTH< Ashlee Streaked
Blueberry Cropped Top Only 
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
[PPD] Nose Diamond Stud
:unBra: Skin -Indigo-
Oceane’s eyes: Harem

Paper Doll Make Up Gold Dust
“”D!va”” Hair “Luise”
*MC* “Falsies” Eyelash
:::Sn@tch Mara Crop Top
AlVulo ! MEsh eyeliner Starshine
CCD Nose Piercing
CCD Piercing – Beauty Mark
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
_unBra_ Skin –Mirage
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Darkstar



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