Follow me to the World of Gachas

Hello again ~ we all have heard about the wonderful world of gacha’s ~ what are they ~ delightful, addicting items that so many creators/designers are making today to entice us to buy and collect.  My world into the gachas began when I was TP’d to The Arcade 3 years ago ~ oh my did my eyes have such a visual organism ~ lotz of machines filled with so many goodies just waiting for me and my lindens ~ I was addicted at first pull and the rest is history. I gave you the LM to The Arcade but it has closed until the next event, which looks like just in time for Christmas ~ they also have a very nice website that you can go to  great information and shows you past prizes ~ as when the event does start you can pull up the shopping guide and make a list of which ones you wanna get ~ shows off each creators collections along with the price per pull and how many rares, commons and what they are…very well done website ~ so you just might want to bookmark it for future events.arcade gacha                                  Peek into The Arcade 

Think back when you were a child going to the grocery store and seeing those clear machines filled with a variety of toys, candy or collectible…was at the most a quarter but you twisted the knob and waited to see what popped out ~ thrilling right?  Speaking with some members from various groups and asking why gachas ~ just what is the attraction ~ answers were varied like “thrilling knowing you are getting something you want, fun way to gamble, cute little objects to collect”  and so on but all comes down to a game of chance and everyone that I spoke with absolutely adores gachas.  It is not just a female or male but very unisex in their appeal ~ so for the next couple of blog posts I will be venturing into this magical world ~ speaking with creators, talking with yard-sale owners and such ~ letting you know whats upcoming ~ even showing off some of my past gacha prizes as well ~ so I hope you will stick with me and follow along as I hop from some great places to get some of those rare finds, to a couple of the gacha events and to one of the best gacha hunts TAG *click on the link to website*~ this is a must hunt for all the gacha fans…I did the one last year and the creators went to the heavens creating some really amazing gachas – cannot wait to see what they have created for us ~ as it is close to Halloween you know there will be lotz of spooky items as I start saving up my lindens.

Am excited to show off my latest gacha for you ~ saw this in a blog and asked around just had to have this cutie ~ at first I thought oh no its from a past event but the creator of Pixicat put the machine in her shop and was it ever my lucky day ~ yay me on the first pull I got a “Wonderland Cat” ~ yes those cutesy animals are my addiction ~ I have dogs, cats, variety of animals ~ just love love the ones you can hold as you can see by the pic below.

                  Me and my latest gacha who I named “Tryke

Please stay with me as we travel around to some of the most interesting places to grab some gacha goodies ~ my next stop will be a good friend of mine Linc Garnet who just recently opened up with a couple of his mates his own Gacha yardsale….we will take a peek in there and show off some goodies…check below for all the details on my outfit ~ thank you again to those have chosen to follow me it is very appreciative…hugzz till next time

Details                                                                                                           Slink Female High feet 
Mesh BodyLara 
Tone Autumnal  –
Smoke Ginger/Matte Raisin
MIA14 …
Gold and Platinum Claddagh Ring
Antoinette Collar 
*MC* “
Falsies” Eyelash
*P* Facial Piercing ~
Eye Diamonds
Eye Gems Piercing
Ashlee Streaked
AlVulo !
MEsh eyeliner Starshine black
Piercing – Beauty Mark
Piercing – Tear
Diamond Necklace
JCNY – ‘
FOREVER, Engagement Ring
LG] Once Upon a Dream Heels
Hope Jacket
Hope Shorts
Hands – Casual
Shape ~
my own
Skin ~ _unBra_ S
kin -Mirage
Odyssey Eyes -“Darkstar 

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