SL Friendships

I have been MIA for awhile now ~ as I won’t go into all the specifics but I had some health issues and basically live with roomies that detest SL so not one to get into contact with anyone, which brings me to my next point ~ none that I will apologize because when things are out of your control either you have friends that have faith in you and not jump to conclusions on what might or might not be as such.  My case in point is that I have one rl friend that both my roomies do know and contacted via text, which immediately came to be with me ~ my cell, tablet and whatever else I have to communicate was at my house and she had full access because I do not have any passwords xcept on SL ~ did I care if she played games under my name or used them ~ HELL NO!  I asked her not to read my emails that I would get to them when I could – again will not apologize that I was so focused on myself and my health but thought those that knew me knew I just did not up and leave and there must of been a reason…instead I received such a harsh and cruel note from someone that I thought would of had more faith but I was wrong ~ I will not mention any names as to who but sadly our friendship is now broken and probably unrepairable….what I will say is if you truly have friends in SL then why not care enough to ask questions about their real name or who they would contact besides a social media forum to get in touch with them ~ One person well two people even cared that I was gone ~ how sad is that ….. seriously you are gone for over 10 days and out of all my friends 2 of them wondered along with worrying ….Comes down to the one person that makes my life better and that is my SL hubby Sten ~ he is my rock and truly my better half but due to health related issues and internet I will have to cut back my time in SL to the barest minimum as I will be sporadic in blogging now ~ guess all this leads to if you want to go outside of SL and keep up the friendship or what ~ do you care if you are gone ~ will anyone miss you if you disappear ~ questions to think about … take care everyone ~ hugzz

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