Dirty Weekend ~ Tribalista


Do you hear the roar of the lions and the pounding of the drums deep in the jungle….you should because the theme for this is Tribalista ~ so deep in the jungle I creep to show you some really cute stuff ~ from Mangomoon to be exact ~

Tribalista Leggings

As the stars come out at night I slide into a pair of these ultra sleek leggins that I can blend in with the herd of zebra’s I saw earlier down by the watering hole…really nice looking and loving the texturing and the fit ~ grab them they are HOT!!!   Various colors of the zebra print ~ you have a choice of 6 different ones or hey just grab the fat pack to get all of them ~

Now let me warn you before you go rushing in there ~ *whispering softly umm I was there and beware ummm this is deep in the jungle and you know what lives in there…. WILD ANIMALS ~ so speak softly maybe carrying a big stick and HAVE FUN hehehehe…..well there are animals around but I think they are being fed well ~ oh yeah also there is some gacha’s that you just might wanna hit up and give a pull….and yes I hit a few but umm you will have to come and look giggling they have some unique ones ~ alright one last thing you need a ride ~ here it is http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Thentis/82/161/2108  I wouldn’t not wait too long as it does run to the 26th of April and times flies very quickly ………. stick around my fellow readers and faithful followers I will be bouncing back and forth between events just to show you lotz more stuff……and huge thank you to my Sponsors for choosing me as one of the bloggers for this event ~ and yes I did change my hair and yes it is from D!va called “Lynn” ~ making me look xtra cute is a pose from Nova’s Modeling stands … stay tuned……hugzz

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