100 Block Fashion ~ featuring Cae, Hollywierd, and Dark Passions

Am baaaack ~ miss me a little…giggling ~ today let me jump in all the stuff I have to show and tell you and yes the 100Block event is still going strong you have *looking at my calendar* 13 days to head over and grab some of this stuff ~ remember what I said in the beginning that all exclusives are 50% off ~ is that not a great deal and you will be going oh no I missed that when you see someone else wearing that dress or item you have been ogling..The creator Dark Passions I have loved their nails since I first discovered them and now they made this cutest top ~ anyone remember the Ouija board?  If you do then this will just be right up your alley…look below

Dark Passions *Carmen* Melting Spirit

I adore this top ~ the fit is perfect and yes it is Mesh ~ does it not look like a keeper ~ hehehe can you imagine the pointer slowly traveling over to the yes side…well the spirits told me YES so it will be one that I will be pushing over to my summer wardrobe under tops ~ yessiree…..and because Dark Passions also does nails OMG you got it they made nail polish identical…look see below…

Melting Spirit

How cool is that ….great job to Dark Passions for taking this brilliant idea ~ yes I know am gushing a tad huh ~ hey cannot help it just hit my winner button…and I hope you think it as well…Cae has a very gorgeous necklace as their exclusive in their Lumiere Set as you should be able to see on the first pic but let me grab a close up for you ~ one sec

Lumiere Necklace

This comes with a really interesting hud with soo much on it and will give you a variety of looks to mix/match with.  The beads change colors along with the chains and the wires ~ something that will be fun to wear casually or to dress up with one of your favorite gowns as the set has necklace and earrings ~ great detailing done ~ Kudo’s to Cae on this lovely piece of jewelry.  Last item I do want to show comes from Hollywierd with these interesting pair of “Stompers

Kurb Stompers “Floral”

Speaking of detail just have a look at the pic above and see how nice the floral lace texture is ~ love it ~ yes they do have other ones to choose from so guys this can be a unisex pair of Kurb Stompers ~ not just for the females ~ OK…take this limo to the fair and hunt down these items before the price goes up ~ you won’t be sorry http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Metropolis/137/117/23

Really had a fun time showing all this off to you and have to thank Kay from Image Essentials using her Accessory pose and Ally of Something New with her Blog My Nails pose…without poses everyone you just look blah standing there like some scarecrow all stiff and like ~ how boring is that and I always want to give them credit for their hard work…hugzz to both ~ to my readers, my followers again my appreciation for taking time to read….I feel like I found my nitch in becoming a blogger ~ this is my 101st blog post ~ to my friends I so appreciate the kind words you have given me and the support you show…big hugzz ~ ok ok will stop with all the mush and tell you to stick around ~ please…..cya soon ooops before I go wow forgot to tell you about my hair hehehe no its not from 100Block but from Dura Girl *59 in platinum ~ whew knew I was forgetting something …now you may go ~ hugzz

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