100 Block Fashion ~ featuring Sakide

As one of the Sponsors for the 100Block – Sakide has some really nice exclusives for you to purchase and the LM that I will be giving takes you directly to their store ~ So many choices that I had to pick from but here are 2 that caught my eye ~

Sakide Koi

The pic above reveals one of Sakide‘s exclusive ~ this is a nice Slide on dress as you can see ~ Really love the design, the colors and how nicely it does fit…yes it is Mesh and there are various sizes so please take your time and pick the right fit for you…the other one I have chosen to show you is look below.

Sakide Graphic

The Sakide Graphic “B” ~ all the dresses do come with a Hud that you can change colors ~ blue, grey, olive, pink, purple, red, white and wine…Today was a red day for me *smiling…Sakide has also a pair of Podium Boots that I have worn with both dresses ~ giving it that little grunge look if you choose or you can dress it up with a nice pair of heels…I do have a close up of the boots so let me show you that now..

Podium Boots

Want some added height just slip these on and stomp to your hearts desire but you will have to watch wear you are stomping …The Slide dress comes in “Birds, Dreamcatcher, Hathi, Wanted and the other Graphic ~ a really nice variety and remember these are Sakide’s exclusives sooo they are on sale for the entire fair ~ I would grab this ride and head over to their store before it is too late and you end up wishing you had of gotten them…SAKIDE http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Metropolis/147/22/23

My huge thank you to Sakide for being able to show off some great dresses for you ~ oh and btw you have not forgotten about that huge Photo Contest have you?  Did you go to Depraved’s website and check out the prizes for this ~ amazing isnt it?  To my followers and new time readers I again always appreciate the time you take to read my blog ~ please stick around as I will have more to show you…my hair today in case you are wondering who styled it for me lets see it is my favorite hair by D!va along with also making me look good as I stand is Image Essentials using one from their Woman Stand Collection…shot entirely on location of my studio…and yes one last little comment is no one got hurt in the making of this post ~ until later..Hugzz

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