100 Block Fashion Fair ~ featuring Zombie Suicide & Kenvie

:Z.S: Halt Skirt & Pow Bikini

Lets put some light on this shall we ~ just so you can get a really good look at what these two stores are offering for you to purchase at the 100Block…will start with the top which its called can you guess?  Pow Bikini top by :Z.S: ~ nice thing also it is mesh so there are various sizes but also comes with a Hud that you have several choices of color ~ great huh?  Looks cute on and fits well ~ now one note I will say I do have my shape set to the standard small and it is a mesh ready shape if that means anything in todays world but I am always trying on different sizes to get the perfect look so most of the time my tops are either medium or large even xlarge on occasions as it just depends on the designer with this I am wearing the medium so just little tidbit that try on different sizes ~ the Halt Skirt also comes with a Hud and I really love the variety of colors it gives you especially since this is 2 complete items you can really if you like mix/match with other tops ~ and you also choose the belt color ~ lotta bang for those lindens ~ kudo’s to the creator for really giving us so many choices in one skirt…love it! This ensemble I paired with another creator that is also at the fair Kenvie ~ these are called Insomnia platform boots ~ look below for a close up

Kenvie Insomnia Platform Boots

I pushed away my slink feet to wear these as they are for the regular feet and wow can you see the detail and how great this boot looks ~ whew a lot of intense work went into these and they are for either male or female as they do come with either ~ also the ones am wearing are the “high” platform and they do have the low as well ~ love the look and really completes the outfit setting it off just right…Thank you Kenvie and :Z.S: for letting me show everyone your creations…btw I went to Image Essentials http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Parameshvara/151/127/257  and used Kay’s new photo studios ~ she sent out a notice earlier that she completely redid all the male/female poses so course I just had to rush over and use them…If you have not been there lately to the store I highly recommend it as it is completely renovated and has also gained a new addition Tori’s Stylez is now there as well…oooh and one last tidbit the hair am wearing today *giggling seeing am becoming a Hair Whore* is by D!va here latest “Doris” in Garnet…kind of digging it but I know me and I did get a couple new ones from them so probably will be showing them off as well…thanks again for sticking around ~ if you like what you read please choose to follow me I soo appreciate all…hugzz for now and here is your ride to 100Block http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Metropolis/137/117/23

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