100 Block Fashion Fair ~ featuring LouLou&Co


Hey is that tree looking at me or am I just being a tad bit paranoid…dunno as I glance back and give the tree one of my infamous glares…mmm possibly seeing he just has one eye and is teeth are in need of some serious floss and brushing…still I should move away since I get the feeling if I got any closer he would grab me with his tree limbs and never let go…but first let me give you a nice look at what LouLou&Co have for you to purchase from the 100Block ~ They are one of the sponsors of this huge event so please make sure you make time to at least stop by and give them a look…

Soooo are you into heavy metal or possibly goth or just wanting to hit the club scene looking very steamy and hot…this is really a great outfit for those nights out ~ great detailing on the top and the skirt ~ yes it is mesh and from the choice of sizes you can be sure one will be perfect for you…doing my research as I do tend to do I looked up the word for this outfit “Druuna” and came across a reference as being an “Druuna is an erotic science fiction and fantasy comic book character created by Italian cartoonist Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri.” think this outfit is very aptly named towards that reference even if that was not the intent to be…

Sneakers ~

Great pair of sneakers come with this outfit and no need to have any special type of feet either ~ and yes for this I did put away my slink feet but who wouldn’t looking at the really great detailing done ~ from the buckles to the texture of parts of the shoe am really liking this and will make this whole outfit one to keep ~ hubby loved it calling me his heavy metal sexy girl…now that is reason enough huh…but no I love the fit and the overall look of this so kudo’s to LouLou&Co for this sexy outfit…As a sponsor of the 100Block the LM I will give you takes you right to their store ~ very nice perk too…sooo here is your ride to grab these exclusive outfit while the fair is ongoing….:*LOULOU&CO*:. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Metropolis/125/22/23

Are you enjoying the outfits that I have been introducing you to ~ my wish is that the answer will be yes…oh yes my hair I did change up for this and it is brand new from D!va found at Collabor88 ~ Hair is called Doris and a complete change I did chose the color Garnet…always thought being a redhead would be interesting and for this outfit it really worked…now I just need to move away from that tree he has not stopped staring this entire time…talk again real soon…hugzz

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