100 Block Fashion Fair ~ featuring Stuck-up

Snakeskin Dress

Oh am ready to go clubbing wearing {Stuck-up)’s Snakeskin dress ~ whew this dress is hot hot hot….good thing I didn’t have that xtra donut with my coffee this morning there is absolutely no room for one ounce of fat on my body as I wiggle into this fabulous dress…being it is so hot I did choose the red but this dress comes with a hud giving you a choice of black, green, red, blue, pink and gold…you are ready to partee with this outfit and matching shoes as well ~ yes they are for Slink High feet and they have that summertime feel to them ~ lets you show off that gorgeous mani you had this afternoon….please bare with me as I show you a close up of the shoes…

Snakeskin Shoes for Slink High

Are that just those kind of shoes you want to slip on and show off as your strut into that club ~ letting everyone give you head to toe look ….. oh yes you will be stared at with this outfit on there is no doubt in my mind…very sleek snakelike hugging dress…wowzers!

Summer is coming and you know as your might be out on that houseboat with friends or just puttering around the house you do want to be nice and cool ~ well for look what else Stuck-up has in store for you….

Show off tops w/Micro booty shorts

Oh yeah it is all about the booty huh ~ this is not for the faint of heart wearing outfit ~ nope as it is all about showing off ~ both the shorts and the top are non mesh but do come with the Omega hud ~ colors you ask well there is pretty much all colors of the rainbow from light blue I am wearing to pink, navy, etc.  you will be able to either mix/match ~ these are sold separate ~ for me I would grab both as together makes one hot scorching combination…

Thank you Stuck-up for letting me blog your items ~ and again thank you to Depraved for giving me the honor of a blogger for this event ~ so let me say again the 100Block Fashion Fair does run to the end of April but if you see something I would not wait till the end of the month…as always I appreciate you taking time out to read my blog ~ psssst got lotz more to show…stick around will ya….Hugzz

Need a LM to the Fair here ya go http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Metropolis/82/154/24

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