100 Block Fashion Fair ~ featuring Empyrean Forge

Am so delighted when I received a box from Empyrean Forge ~ as they truly are “Artisans” and the pieces that I want to show you for me reflect that…in RL am on the quirky side with a little dash of being a bookworm as well so I love love things that are made well and reflect that ~ I can see myself wearing this ~ it is a bold piece of handcrafted jewelery that just screams “Look at me” and I did ~ the detail on this necklace is just exquisite but nuff rambling from me let me show you what I mean….

E.F. Dreamer Necklace *Serenity*

The necklace set is called Dreamer and each one has a different name attached as this is called Serenity as you can see the Barn Owl holding in its claws a limb of possibly Cherry Blossoms to reflect ~ also look at the tiny dangling gems that are attached to the wing span ~ and the wrappings of string as well ~ great balance as well as very eye catching ~ yes it is a very bold piece but think of it as I used it simply laying against your skin in a summer low cut tank or even wearing it as a stunning piece with your latest gown ~ for me it would work either way…let me show you the other one as well…


The lantern expressing enlightenment to show you the way ~ how creative and again another piece that has been carefully handmade…Now after reading their note card that was included I am very excited this feature was added that gives a remote option to someone close the ability to resize/adjust for you ~ how cool is that to possibly let your husband or partner or a friend be able to set your necklace so it looks perfect…wow am truly stunned and hope more will take that hint…course you do have to trust someone to give them that option…not sure if hubby or whoever would be wise if they are irked at you LOL – only can imagine how it would look..giggling ok back to this necklace…Besides this 2 pieces you also can choose Acuity, Fortuity and either muted tones or vibrant like the ones I am wearing…not only that choice but either the Barn owl is in the off white color like the pics above or you have the option of buying the necklace in brown. For me this necklace is a true winner ~ am very pleased to have been given the honor of showing it off for you ~ thank you Empyrean Forge…btw here is their link to the fair http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Metropolis/199/184/24

Oh yes I must thank those of you who are taking the time to read my blogs and follow along ~ very appreciated and my wish is that you continue 🙂 Today I did change my hairstyle into something shorter so you could see the beauty of the necklace ~ my hair came from ArgraceMinato” ~ cute style which you will see more of…as far as poses none were used in the making of this today *giggling at how that sounds* focus was entirely on the necklace itself…stay tuned as I have another one in the works for you…hugzz

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