The 100 Block Fashion Fair ~ featuring Pulse

Have you ever put on an outfit and all of a sudden this song comes rushing into your head?  Sometimes it happens to me and sometimes not ~ not even sure why this just came roaring into my brain but here are the lyrics then will show you what I mean….

“Get your motor running…Head out on the highway…Looking for adventure And whatever comes our way…..Like a true nature’s child…We were born, born to be wild…We can climb so high…I never want to die…Born to be wild..Born to be wild…..” those lyrics are from Steppenwolfs *Born to Be Wild* song and yeah it kind of dates me just a little ~ even though I might not of been around then it was a huge hit for a lot of local stations that always played this tune ~ along with being featured in some movies as well…plus in my travels I did meet them outside a truck stop one summer ~ long past their prime but still you could tell they were partiers ~ ok nuff of my memories just let me show you the outfit that had that tune come into my brain so quick ~

End Game Vest & Pants

Creator/Designer of this great 2 piece outfit is Pulse ~ see what I mean it just begs to grab a motorbike and hop on and ride, ride and ride down that ribbon of highway….Now the outfit will be sold in 2 separates, which is why I took front and back pics of this so you could see the top is a hoodie vest made of leather and denim ~ a really highly detailed and hoodie part lays nicely against your back ~ great quality leather was used along with the denim …. look at the pants and loving how there is a double belt with metal studs coming up the side as well.  Sooo changed my hair into this sleek bob by Argrace Sakuro so I would not get it all in tangles as I ride off ~ and again thank you to Pulse for giving me the opportunity to show this to you..please look for her store at the 100 Block Fashion Fair which is now open ~ and also to Kay of Image Essentials making me look good standing here using a pose from her Woman’s Stand Collection ….

Remember besides the Fashion side of this huge event there is a big Photo Contest as well ~ check out the website here for all the details on that ~ Oh yes here is the LM to  .:Pulse:. Thank you for taking time to read my post but you will have to excuse me while I hop on my Harley and take a long relaxing ride…..till later Hugzz

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