The 100 Block Fashion Fair featuring “Aurora and Riske”

Walking out in the city wearing my brand new outfit from Aurora and sporting these awesome shoes by Riske am feeling really good…Welcome back my fellow Second Lifers to another peek into the huge Fashion Fair at 100 Block…let me show you my latest outfit as I walk around town…

AURORA – Mini Skirt Outfit

Really adorable ensemble on and enough different sizes that I am sure one will fit..the creators from Aurora have given you several combinations to choose from to purchase ~ seeing all the colors and styles it was hard which one to show off but I chose the to wear stripes as to opposed to RL I would never be able to carry this look off…And the shoes let me say SL can make you walk so graceful wearing this really tall platform shoes just another thing I love about SL because RL would have me wobbling down the street looking like someone wearing her first pair of heels…oh I did wear platforms at one time in my life but after enduring foot surgery on both feet my Dr. had some news that heels would no longer be in my future ~ anyway SL gives me that opportunity to wear these awesome shoes by Riske and they also have provided a variety to choose from but stuck with the black to complete my outfit.  Let me show you a close up of these platforms.

“Balance High Platforms” color Jet

Wearing these really sets off the outfit making your legs have that long and sleek look to them ~ they are for Slink High feet ~ and really giving you another chance to show off any pedi polish you want…

The fair will open up today at 12 noon SLT ~ there will be one main landing spot but after visiting there yesterday you will be able to navigate around the area easily.  Thank you to Aurora and Riske for giving me the opportunity to show these to you…my hair today is from D!vaMana“, which they are not part of the event but only FYI for those that are interested ~ And also thanking Image Essentials for making me look great standing out in the middle of the street using Kay’s pose from her Woman’s Stand collection.

Thank you again for taking time out to read and possibly follow my blog – means a lot to very appreciative ~ sooo stay tuned as I look at my ever growing list of items I will be back later to show you more…HUGZZZ

Here are the LM’s for both stores AURORA  Riske

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