It’s All About The Poses ~ 100 Block Fashion Fair ~ featuring Image Essentials

Today its not all about the ‘bass but the poses ~ the ones that make each of us look fantastic ~ sooo grabbing any gown or outfit I could I wanted to let these poses speak to you ~ show you what they can make you look like…but the first one I had to enlist hubby to help me ~ its nice when the creator does give you such a vivid pic of what the pose looks like, but I wanted to think outside of replicating that pose ~ ya know be a little more creative and unique so that gives you a thought “hey I like that as well….great pose that can be taken in various ways but Kay Weston of Image Essentials did a great job in creating the poses that I am showing off ~ hope you enjoy this one ~ yeah I know my hubby was checking me out seeing it is getting closer to that bathing suit weather…oh who am I kidding he is always checking out my bum *laughing* see for yourself

Loving Sensuality
Loving Sensuality

Name of this pose is “Loving Sensuality” by Image Essentials~ very aptly named as a very lovely couples pose…now this one has one person sitting but I do not think that was a problem – the ad for the pose was shot on a bed and I took it out of the bedroom changing my hair that you can get at Argrace called Saki and sat Hubby on the rock~ gives you a different perspective on the pose and widens your opportunity to use it ~ just love this pose and think if you use your imagination you will as well …. Next up is a set of 5 poses w/mirrors that Kay made exclusively for The 100Block as the one above is also exclusive ~ and the key about any exclusive items for this event is they are *whispering* on sale, means you need to get them now cuz the price goes up once this event is over…now to show off any item you wanna look good right? This next set will do just that ~ SHOW YOU OFF! The exclusive set is called “Couture” and for something that means high fashion I just couldn’t use any day to day clothing so I searched and searched throwing out this and that till I came up with 4 gowns and 1 cute dress to show off each pose ~ Remember this is ALL ABOUT THE POSE soo for this that is all its gonna be ~ the POSES …… enjoy them please

Pose ~ Couture #1

One of my faves ~ love the hand placement as it is not inside or going inside any of this sleek gown ~ head tilted just so to give you that look ~ you know the one up is

Pose Couture #2

You can do a lot with this pose and yes I did turn slightly to model it for you, but there are so many ways to use this ~ another great one …remember there are mirrors for each pose…..

Pose Couture #3

Hand and feet placement are nice and because am wearing a hat with this nothing is deterring the look ~ love it …again variety of ways to use this pose…

Pose Couture #4

Oh yes I just had to pick a very uber fancy gown to show off this pose…I mean look at it so extremely high fashion I can just hear myself go “darling pleased to meet you” Cant you?  Very posh for me …and a fave in showing off some extravagant gowns…pssst great job on this Kay Weston

Pose Couture #5

Last but not even the least as I have already used this in an earlier blog post but just seemed fitting with this hat and gown to use this pose ~ like a little sass in this pose,which some will say that I have more than just a little sass in me *hehehe* ~ So there you have a great look at what Kay Weston has come up for her exclusives for The100Block Fashion Fair ~ I think ding ding ding she has some great winners ~ make sure you visit her store Image Essentials when the fair opens …and….I did get the LM’s for all the stores as you still will have to wait for 2 more days but here is the one for I.E.

Oh by the way am not even close to being done with showing off more stuff ~ whew there are sooo many designers which now I see why this event is lasting until the end of the month ~ by followers and possibly new readers I do hope you are enjoying seeing what is being offered for this huge Fashion Fair ~ another Reminder about that UBER big photo contest that is screaming for you all to enter ~ alright am going back to unpack some more boxes so stay tuned……hugzz

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