The 100 Block ~ featuring Legal Insanity & Image Essentials

Legal Insanity
Megan Top and Megan Skinny Jeans

Ut oh I got this strange TP request and looks like I landed somewhere I shouldn’t ~ as you can see am very unsteady landing but whew got myself right up ……hey its coffee ~ now how did they know I needed that afternoon pick me up hmmmm looking around and not seeing anyone…in that case just let me tell you about my latest outfit…..The jeans and top are courtesy of Legal Insanity, which is a favorite store of mine as well – both items are mesh so if there is a demo please try that on for me it came with a nice variety of sizes that once you choose the appropriate size it fits great !  I love the top *Megan* and it comes with this hud that see the heart well you have a lot of different choices on the inside and outside colors ~ kind of fun thing to change up…top comes in either black, grey or dark grey so you will need to choose which color when you buy ~ am showing you the dark grey top size M ~ the Skinny Jeans also have a variety of colors as well – what you see above is the bleached color size XS.

Now the pose is from Image Essentials and one of the exclusives for this event ~ this is from her “Couture” set, which has 5 different poses along with the mirror of each ~ very nice variety comes with this pose even if I did land a tad klutzy *giggling*~ my thanks to Kay Weston for her hard work in creating them…

Again let me remind you that the 100Block Fashion Fair is set to open on the 9th along with the huge mega Photo Contest ~ you really need to go to their website and check out all the details …for me well am gonna sit down in the sand ~ try not to look at that skull staring at me and enjoy a well deserved cup of coffee …. aaaaaaaah  ~ till next time HUGZZ  click to find out about the contest

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