Get Ready for the *** The 100 Block Fashion Fair ***

The 100 Block Flyer - 2015
The 100 Block

I am honored to be chosen by DepravedNation as one of their bloggers for The 100 Block ~

Over 100 designers are coming together to create one huge fashion, art, and music party….and besides that there will be a huge and I mean HUGE Photo Contest with some fantastic prizes ~ we are talking like like this uber fatpack of giftcards from the sponsors ~ just a teaser but can you imagine what you could do with winning a 10,000L gift card or even 1,000L …. woah that would put me in the shopping mode…plus $$$ as well ~ photographers get ready to compete for some out of this world range of gift cards.  And no it will not be based on how many friends you have either ~ those type of contests are ones I would never suggest you to enter nor will I even speak of them ~ nope but there is a lot of details for this contest and yes there is an entry fee to offset the costs but top #1 prize starts with a 10,000L gift card to Razor, 5K giftcards from other sponsors an so on that if you would like all the details and see all the prizes go here ~ hey it is always worth the effort to enter besides letting people see your work and getting your name out there you just never know if those who are judging will say “the winner is ……YOU”

So get ready for the party ~ its coming in 6 days and I will be showing you lot of stuff……stay tuned as I will be working hard to show you what is being offered..till then hugzz

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